Use trowel power to deck your walls with paint just like Dave did. Remember the faux concrete wall he made a few weeks back? In case you haven’t seen it, just click on the link.

This week, Dave decided to make an accent wall using three light blues, a really dark one, with a subdued red as “icing” in the mix. He made an abstract textured wall while cheekily saying that you don’t need an art degree to do it. And he’s right! All you need is a maskipaps attitude to pull it off.

Abstract Textured Wall

This is not for homeowners who like sleek walls. This is for those carefree individuals who like fun, play, and the beauty of the imperfect, and who dive in wholeheartedly in the painting experience, savoring the journey and not focusing on the destination.

Are you into goof-proof wall painting projects?  This holiday season, try your hand at making abstract murals. Use all kinds of tools—paint brush, trowel, a feather duster, your hands—and conquer that wall. You don’t have to know how to draw or paint in the conventional sense. All you’d need is imagination and boldness. The only aesthetic that has to be pleased is yours.

There is this artist in Australia who has made a name for herself painting abstract murals in residential and public spaces. Check out Camille Javal. When you click on her name, you will also see in her IG page what color drenching may mean for her.

Using a Trowel to Apply Paint

What’s great about this type of paint application is that there are no rules. You just slop on the paint and smooth it on the wall. The force used to push the trowel on the wall will determine the thickness of the paint that is spread on the wall. So the harder you push, the thinner the paint would appear on the wall. If you want it to look thicker, don’t push so hard. Even the angle by which you hold the trowel to the wall affects the application.

Therefore, It’s best to practice applying the paint on carton, paper, or some flat surface, so you will know how to work with this tool and you will get used to the motion. Practice with the trowel first and find your technique before trying it on a wall.

Other Quirky Painting Tools

We love to experiment so aside from the paint brush and the trowel, we’ve made other DIY video tutorials using other quirky painting tools (click on the links to see the videos).

There are so many more DIY video tutorials for you to discover. Just click here. Or you can also follow our YouTube channel and check out the many fun things we’ve done over the years to deck the walls with paint.


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