Parents, are you interested to make a DIY height stick for your kids? You’ve come to the right place. Watch this video and see how easy it is to paint this giraffe height stick in your kid’s bedroom.

Why Have a Height Stick

Monitoring a child’s growth is important to see if your kid is within the normal range to assess for nutritional or other possible underlying medical problems.

There is something very satisfying to see the growth progression of your kids. Heck, even as a kid, it gave me some satisfaction to see my pencil markings rise higher on the door jamb. Growing up, we didn’t have cute height sticks on walls. But now you can DIY your way into a cute jungle for your kid’s room.

Baby on Board Video Series

We have a video series (click on the link) about a couple’s journey through pregnancy as they prepared their baby’s room. These are the DIY video tutorials from Baby on Board.

Episode 3: How to Make a Stencil Wall Mural
Episode 4: How to Make a Peg Board Organizer
Episode 5: How to Make an Animal Baby Mobile
Episode 6: How to Make Woodblock Nursery Art

All DIY projects are cute and functional.

Jazz Up Your Kid’s Room

How to Make a DIY Height Stick for Your Kids | MyBoysen

We’ve been in quarantine for so long. Even until today in NCR, children below 18 are not allowed outside the house. Those who don’t have a garden or a lot of room inside the home may find this situation tough.

One way to bring a little adventure is to beautify your child’s room with his input. Make it a joint project so that he will feel the flush of accomplishment when you all finish making his room look fresh and exciting.

There are many more ideas below. Just click on the photos to get you to the posts.

Montessori Bedroom for Toddlers

Montessori Bedroom for Toddlers

If you are the type of parent who wants to pursue the organic and natural route in bringing up your child, then read the post to get some tips for his bedroom makeover on how to go about that.

Paint a School Board on One of the Walls

Paint a School Board for Your Kids at Home

Instead of getting heart palpitations when you see pristine walls having rainbow-colored illustrations, give your child a school board wall so he can draw as often as he pleases. There is freedom but there are also boundaries.

Color Your Kid’s Wonder Years

Color Your Kids’ Wonder Years

As a child grows and changes physically, so does his psyche. What appealed to the kid when he was a toddler will not be so pleasing anymore when he is a preschooler, gradeschooler, and even more so, when he’s a teenager. So give him the possibility and the support to let his room grow with him.

Nursery Painting Ideas

New Baby on the Block: Nursery Painting Ideas

We’ve got so many ideas on how to decorate a nursery. Read the post to find out what other possible paint colors to use for your newborn’s room aside from the usual suspects of pink and blue.

Bedroom Color Schemes for Teens

Bedroom Color Schemes for Teens

We have paint color scheme recommendations too for teenagers. Because of their exposure to social media and the internet, teenagers nowadays have more ideas and opinions about how they want their rooms to look like. Hear them out.

Bedroom Color Ideas for Your Inner Child

Bedroom Color Ideas for the Inner Child in You

We all need a break these days so if you want to nurture your inner child, go for it. This post is about the colors of SpongeBob and Patrick Star. Pink and yellow go well together so if you can’t make up your mind which one you like, have both paint colors in your room.

A Mood Board for Primary Colors in the Nursery

Primary Colors in a Nursery

Primary colors are bright, cheerful, and lift the spirits.  If you are expecting a baby and you can’t decide which color to paint on the wall, I say have them all. While planning the nursery’s interiors, play Kermit the Frog’s “Rainbow Connection”, and sing along…

Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me

All of us under its spell
We know that it’s probably magic…

The Grey Palette for Baby Rooms

The Grey Palette as an Alternative for Baby Rooms

If primary colors are not to your liking, explore the cool and warm greys in this post. Use the photos as inspiration to make a really cool child’s room with the restrained color palettes.

A Girly-Girl’s Blush Pink Bedroom

Do the words delicate, soft, ultra-feminine, tranquil…appeal to you? See what paint colors you can use to achieve this effect in your little girl’s bedroom, or in your own if you want to feel like a girly-girl again. Click this link to get to the post.

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