What color schemes can you try for your teen’s bedroom?

  1. Aqua and gold
  2. Peach and gold
  3. Navy neutrals
  4. Ombre walls
  5. Statement walls

Teenagers go through a lot of changes in both their minds and bodies. This also applies to their personal style as well. Teenagers will start developing their own sense of style and aesthetic, which can be seen in the way they dress and even in how they design their rooms. You can help your teen achieve the room of their dreams with these fun color schemes.

Start by asking your teen if they have anything in mind. By guiding them, you can help them create an extension of their personality in their own personal space. Use these creative approaches to help your teens express their personal style.

Aqua and Gold

Aqua and Gold

Boysen Color Palette

This color combination is timeless. Any teen will feel comfortable and relaxed in a room with these colors. The combination pairs well with white furniture for a fresh look. You can use aqua in small doses on the trims of the room and incorporate gold with a unique pattern. You can stencil floral or geometric patterns in gold against an aqua background for a fun yet sophisticated take.

Tie everything together with neutral colors on your floors and decor. Make use of natural textures such as wood to add serenity to the room. This ultimate combination can promote relaxation and productivity. Ask your teen to add their personal touches such as posters and keepsakes. This can be placed in one organized corner to keep the room cohesive and clean.

Peach and Gold

Peach is a trendy color that can add a feminine touch to any room. Gold brings out the warmth in the peach to create harmony. You can pull off a splash of 90s nostalgia if this theme is done right. Younger teens will appreciate the softness of peach, but if you want to add a touch of maturity, gold can be used to add glamour. Take note that you can go in any direction with your peach wall paint, either paint it full on or be subtle by layering it.

If your teen finds the peach too overwhelming, you can paint the lower half of the wall peach and the upper half white. Add the gold to the trim and middle to separate the colors.

Avoid being too monochromatic so choose light-colored furniture. Monochromatic peaches can look too dated, something your teen will definitely not appreciate. However, you can add touches of peach in different tones throughout the room but do it with a light hand.

Navy Neutrals

Navy Neutrals

Use the versatility of navy blue to bring out a sophisticated yet youthful blue tone for your teen’s bedroom. Navy works well with a lot of colors, especially neutrals and wood tones. Combining navy with wood furniture is a great choice for any bedroom. You can create a multipurpose space for sleep, study, and hangouts. However, avoid adding navy to the entire wall. This can make the room look too dark.

Help your teens organize their space by providing wood shelves and drawers. Take advantage of wood and natural textures for your furniture to transform your teen’s bedroom into a cozy space.

Ombre Walls

Ombre is a great way to incorporate any color into your teen’s room. You can go in any direction, such as starting from the top with your teen’s desired shade and fading it into white. You can also choose another color to fade it to as long as it’s monochromatic or complementary. To make ombre walls work, use tones that blend well together.

For your teen daughter, fading from deep pink to white adds a feminine and modern touch. Start by painting the bottom of the wall pink and slowly fade it to white as you head to the top of the wall. Incorporate furniture with different shades of pink to blend the ombre further into the room.

Statement Walls

Statement Walls

Boysen Color Palette

What is a statement wall? To put it simply, this allows your teen to have the freedom to get creative with textures, shapes, colors, and patterns. Use it to define the bedroom space in an easy and stylish way. It takes one wall to add a lot of personality to your teen’s room.

Statement walls work well with black and dark brown paint. Choose a wall in your teen’s room and let them be creative. They can draw their own murals or write their own poems in this space. Statement walls are perfect for artistic teens who want to unleash their creativity and personality. Paint the wall with off-white or stark white for a blank canvas to work with. Make sure that the paint is dry first before having them decorate it.

Key Takeaway

Help develop your teen’s personal style by using these fun wall paint ideas. Ask your teen if they already have something in mind and work from there. Remember to give them freedom when decorating their personal space. Paint can be used in a number of ways to bring your teen’s ideas to life. Introduce them to these fun color schemes and start getting creative.


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