Finally, after weeks and months of having a gloomy and glum Daddy, doggie Cody cuddles up with Max on the couch. But Cody is bored. There must be more to his life than just sit through all these DIY projects. Thankfully, Max seemed to understand the canine vibes. Play time! Yes, finally they go out for a run and that’s great after being a couch potato for days on end. They meet someone. Who could that be? Follow the journey of Max and his dog Cody – Episode 1 Episode 2 (How to Make a Doggie Daybed) Episode 3 (Life is a Ball) Episode 4 (How to Make a Cool Coat Rack) Episode 5 (It’s Shelfie Time) Episode 6 (Make Your Own Bottle Opener) Episode 7 (A Chance Meeting) Episode 8 (Summary)