Textured walls are a love-it-or-leave-it kind of finish, but it is gaining popularity again after years of people thinking that it is outdated. Some designers are giving a certain twist to textured walls and have updated the look. What are the reasons for having textured walls, and how have designers made it trendy again?

The Reasons for Textured Walls

I asked a materials expert and an architect and they gave me these following reasons why textured walls are back in fashion. These finishes not only serve an aesthetic purpose but are also functional.

1.  Hide minor surface imperfections

Textured walls are used to hide minor surface imperfections in an inexpensive way. Some samples of textured walls are popcorn (bumpy texture usually found in ceilings), orange peel (splatter type best done by experts with an air compressor and gun), and knockdown (mottled texture using a trowel).

2.  Provide character

Konstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to the Kavern Finish | MyBoysen
Konstrukt Lunar Series: Kavern Finish

Having textured walls adds character and warmth to the room. Make sure that some of the surfaces and furniture are smooth to add interest and balance to the room design. Read about how to use textures here.

3.  Diffuse glare

Smooth walls especially when coated with glossy paint reflect light. So if you have a very bright room because there is natural light streaming in, having a textured wall can tone down the reflectivity of the surface.

4.  Accent design

The Colorful Concrete Look: Konstrukt Lunar Series Koastal | MyBoysen
Konstrukt Lunar Series: Koastal

Use your walls as the accent piece and the focal point in a room. You can make such a statement with a textured accent wall, more so if you keep the rest of the surface areas smooth.

5.  Improve acoustics

Having textured walls helps with absorbing sound and improving acoustics, but not by much. It is better to have acoustic panels to achieve that. However, textured walls do help muffle sounds minimally from getting carried into the other rooms.

6.  Reduce heat gain

Technically, textured walls refract the sun’s rays and reduce heat gain of these surfaces as compared to smooth flat finishes.

The New Look in Textured Walls

Textured walls are considered very in today and are added in contemporary homes to give that edgy flair. Think #teamindustrial. The industrial interior design is still very much one of the favorites of today’s Filipino homeowners, along with #teamputi and #teamkahoy.

Konstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to Industrial Finishes
Konstrukt Lunar Series

To respond to customers’ (specifiers’) wish for this aesthetic, Boysen developed the Konstrukt Lunar Series, a line of decorative cement faux finishes that give such a current look to textured walls. No one would think it is outdated because the look and feel is so different from the popcorn, orange peel, or knockdown finishes of the past.

There are nine finishes under the series: Kavern, Koastal, Kaza, Koral, Korona, Kaiser, Kashmir, Kanyon, and Kohl. Check them all out here. You do need experts to apply these products on your home surfaces. We don’t recommend that you use these products for your DIY projects.

If you have questions about the Konstrukt Lunar Series, please email ask@myboysen.com. Alternatively, you can call (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours and talk to our Technical Team.


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