Bea made a dollhouse for a niece, and she shows us how she did it in this video tutorial. This project needs some basic carpentry so enlist someone’s help if your DIY skills are limited to finishing and painting.

The cut list mentioned in video is as follows:

2 pcs. 4x20in
1 pc. 4x6in
2 pcs. 4x12in with 30° bevel/angle on one side
1 pc. 4x9in with 30° bevel/angle on one side
2 pcs. 4x13in with 30° bevel/angle on one side

You will also need a plywood sheet for the back “wall” of the dollhouse. Prepare these wood pieces first before you start making the dollhouse.

To prime the dollhouse, use Boysen WoodPrime, a water-based primer for wood that has low odor, so painting would be an enjoyable and comfortable exercise.

For the paint colors, you can choose from thousands of available colors from the Boysen Permacoat line.

Dolls and More Dolls

This dollhouse isn’t only for little girls. It could also be for those who find dolls a balm for the soul.

There are also so many dolls in the shops today. One that has been capturing the hearts of Gen Zs are the Sonny Angels, 2-year old male cherubs that stand at 3 inches, and sport angel wings plus colorful headgears. Some wear full outfits but most of them come without pants. The one below is the regular set, but they also come in themed sets like animals, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

Created in the country that brought us Sanrio and plushies, Japanese toy manufacturer Toru Soeya made these Sonny Angels and brought them to the market in 2005, or 20 years ago! These couple of years, they’ve become popular because of Pinterest and TikTok!

According to the website, “Sonny Angel may bring you happiness…He is always by your side to make you smile. Sonny Angel will provide healing moments in your everyday life. He is a welcome sight at the entrance to your home, next to your bed, on your desk and so many other places.” Well when you’ve got a dollhouse, you can always display your Sonny Angels there.

Dragon Babies

However, if you want dragon toys for your dragon babies, then I’m sure you can find cute ones. If you’re waiting for a new addition to the family, decorate his or her space with the recommended paint colors in the article below. (Just click the image below.)

The Best Nursery Color to Welcome Year of the Dragon Babies

Then fill the dollhouse with toy dragons, symbols of good fortune, prosperity, and power.

If you’re interested to look at more DIY video tutorials for a nursery, watch this playlist in our YouTube Channel. You can watch the videos to make your own mobile, wall art, or wall organizer.

In the next video, Bea will show you how light temperature affects paint colors.

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