Working on your fitness goals this year? Then it’s either you’ve enrolled yourself in a proper gym or workout classes or you have a small gym set up at home! Exercising at home can be more convenient. And, not to mention, more cost effective. However, we do need to keep it clean and tidy, specially with all the sweating we’re doing! So, whether you have a whole room dedicated as a home gym or a small corner in the living room, here’s a quick home gym cleaning guide to get you started.

Air Out the Room

Home Gym Cleaning Guide | MyBoysen

First thing’s first, air out the space. Especially so if you have an actual room dedicated as a home gym. Have you ever noticed how heavy the air gets when you work out in a room? You’re probably breathing a lot from your work out and adding heat and humidity into the space. It’s the best breeding ground for mold and bacteria growth so don’t forget to pop open a window or two!

Clear Out Clutter

Home Gym Cleaning Guide | MyBoysen

If there’s anything we need in a home gym set-up, it’s ample space to move around and get that sweat going. Declutter your home gym from items that you no longer use like old weights, tattered yoga mats, or random empty water bottles populating the space.

Clean the Exercise Equipment

Home Gym Cleaning Guide | MyBoysen

Unplug big exercise equipment like treadmills or steppers, if you have any, before wiping them down with some disinfectant. Pay extra attention to high-touch areas like handles and dashboards. Afterwards, avoid mold growth and rusting by not forgetting to go through them with a dry rag to make sure no moisture remains on the surface.

If you’re doing weight training at home, don’t forget to give your weights a good wipe down as well! Doing some yoga? Give your yoga mat a good wash (depending on the material.) While it’s good hygiene to wipe down your yoga mat after every use, do we really do it as regularly as we’d like?

Wipe Down Surfaces

Home Gym Cleaning Guide | MyBoysen

Aside from your actual exercise paraphernalia, don’t forget to wipe other surfaces in the room such as mirrors and tables. Don’t forget to give your walls a good wipe down as well. A non-abrasive cloth and a gentle cleanser should do the trick. If you’ve painted your home gym walls with Virtuoso Silk Touch, this step should be a breeze.

This paint is formulated with an easy clean technology that makes wiping away dirt and stains a breeze. Not only that, it is made to be antibacterial and resists mold growth, perfect for humid space like the gym.

Bust Out the Mop

Home Gym Cleaning Guide | MyBoysen

Do some light dusting around your home gym to get rid of any dust bunnies or hair on the floor. Then, give your floors a good wipedown (or two) with a mop that’s been drenched with a disinfectant solution. Good old water might not do the trick since the floor might be riddled with dried sweat (and tears, depending on your work out).

Home Gym Cleaning Guide

Home Gym Cleaning Guide | MyBoysen

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Let us know if you have any questions! Send us an email at We’re always happy to help. Happy cleaning!


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