Painting can get complicated. From choosing the right products and doing surface prep work to actual application and problem-solving hitches—there can be quite a lot you have to know to carry out a successful project.

That’s why we at Boysen are dedicated to make learning about paint easier and even fun! From DIYers to professional painters, anyone willing to expand their painting knowledge should be able to find answers or discover something new through these resources and avenues:

1. Let it B blog (

This is where you are right now! Welcome to Let it B (, Boysen’s official blog site. We talk anything and everything paint on Let it B. Here you’ll find posts that cover a wide range of topics that have to do with paint, home design, and color inspiration.

This includes posts discussing the technical aspects of paint (such as paint estimation, paint problems, and Boysen product highlights), design-centered posts (such as color theory and inspiration, interior design styles, and DIY tutorials), and more light-hearted and fun posts such as quizzes. You can also choose to subscribe to our mailing list to receive blog updates of our most recent posts. The sign up box can be found in the sidebar or as a pop-up.

Feel free to make yourself at home here and leave comments! We try our best to respond to each one.

2. Boysen and Let It B YouTube channels

Aside from the iconic Boysen commercials and webisodes, the Boysen YouTube channel also houses many educational videos and is a great place to learn about paint and painting. In fact, some of the most popular videos uploaded to the channel are informative ones.

For example, Painting 101 is the perfect video for newbie painters. It packs into one many of the painting basics such as proper application technique and step-by-step instructions for painting different surfaces.

There are videos dedicated to Boysen products too. The most viewed of which is How to Use: Boysen Plexibond. It tackles product features, proper usage, and even suggests paint that can be used after applying Plexibond. Useful, right?

Now for some fun! Let It B has its own Youtube channel too. There you’ll find lots of videos on color and DIY projects to try out. The Krafty Kriz series is a crowd favorite. With the charming, bubbly, and knowledgeable Kriz, you’ll learn about the color wheel, how to tint paint, be introduced to fun projects like repainting terra cotta pots, and more.

Feed your creativity with ideas for designs and patterns you can do with just paint and your wall too—like an ombre wall or a chalkboard wall. Take a peek at the Boysen Color Trend videos as well for palette and color combination inspiration.

3. Boysen Facebook page

Take a peek at the Boysen Facebook page! We’ve filled it with a variety of posts to suit every type of painter, DIYer, professional, and everyone in between. Get smarter about paint every day and get inspired to fill your life with color as you’re scrolling through your social media feed.

Popular among the Boysen Facebook community is the Boysen Pintanong series. Boysen Pintanong provides answers to frequently asked questions about paint and painting. Local painters and contractors are typically most familiar and comfortable with painting and construction jargon in Filipino (e.g. palitada, umido, kabisada, etc.). So, Boysen Pintanong is in Filipino too.

There are also, of course, informative posts in English containing lots of practical and useful tips and hacks. We also have posts featuring paint swatches and inspirational mood boards. And, as you may have expected, there are posts on the latest Boysen news too.

It’s common to find comments asking for clarification and advice on our posts. Again, we try our best to reply! Feel free to follow the Boysen Facebook page if this all sounds good to you.

4. Boysen’s Technical Service Department

Having trouble with your current project and not sure what to do? Have a technical question about painting? We’ve got you!

The Boysen Technical Service Department handles product-related concerns and technical consultations. Send an email to You can also call (02) 8363-9738 local 413 to 418 during office hours for a one-on-one consultation. (Don’t worry. Consultations are free!)

When circumstances are more permitting (as we’re currently in a pandemic), the Boysen Technical Service Department also holds paint technology seminars and actual hands-on training to help promote product awareness and proper application.

5. Your trusted painter or contractor

There’s no replacement for your most trusted painter or contractor. For home improvement concerns, including painting difficulties complicated by building or renovation problems, a professional who’s familiar with your home should be your go-to consultant. There’s no one better to talk to than a capable and qualified expert!

Have fun exploring all these resources! We hope you learn something new and exciting about painting.


Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.


  1. Robertino M. Ramos Reply

    What is the procedure for repainting existing Acrytex finish exterior walls with same finish? Do we use boral and skimcoat on the existing acrytex before application of new Acrytex paint?

  2. Fatima Inocencio Reply

    Hi, i’d like to ask if you’re offering warranty on your paint products such as Roofgard.

    We are currently repainting an old roof located in Intramuros, Manila and we would like to ask for your assistance on this project.

    Please give me an update/feedback on how and when you can inspect the site. You can contact me through my email: and my number, 09338150496

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