What are the best paint colors for your kitchen?

  1. Sophisticated Gloss
  2. Warm All Year Round
  3. Hyper Retro
  4. Mint Julep
  5. Bespoke Black

A splash of paint can add life to any part of your home. Your kitchen can be reinvigorated with the right paint colors. Creating a unified design and aesthetic can be done with various tones and textures of paint. This new kitchen project of yours can help elevate its look without costing too much. Learn how to utilize various paint colors to your advantage by reading further.

Sophisticated Gloss

Deciding on the right paint color can get stressful. Planning and determining how much paint you need or which finish you should use can be confusing as well. Start simple with your kitchen repaint. Choose a glossy color that can go well with your current kitchen cabinets.

Gloss finish paint is recommended for kitchens as it is both easy to clean and incredibly durable. It can emphasize uneven textures because it reflects light very easily. To make sure that your gloss paint looks flawless, the base of your walls must be smooth.

If you have white or neutral-colored kitchen cabinets, color can be used to create the contrast you need. Since the gloss adds an easy-to-clean element, you can go in different directions for your color choices. Choose colors like deep forest greens or modern yellows. This can work well with a variety of complementary textures while still creating contrast with the color.

Keep everything in balance by avoiding clashing colors and textures. You might find that your kitchen will begin to look messy when this happens. Once you keep everything in balance, other aspects will follow. You can choose decor and kitchenware that can match your paint colors well. Warm copper kitchenware and rustic decor can bring an inviting vibe to your kitchen.

Warm All Year Round

Warm All Year-Round

Warm colors can stimulate appetite. This can be used for your kitchen as well. Apply the energetic effect of warm colors such as terracotta reds and warm oranges. It can be paired well with natural textures such as wood, stone, and marble. Your surfaces and walls will complement each other and help stimulate your sense when cooking your favorite meals or preparing your favorite dessert.

Hyper Retro

If you have retro-inspired kitchenware, appliances, and cabinets, choose paint colors that can definitely help you travel back in time. Colors like green, pink, and white are soft and feminine. Be sure to pick greens and pinks on the pastel spectrum to keep everything soft and gentle. This can really bring a vintage vibe without getting too overwhelming. Furthermore, decorate your kitchen with the use of indoor plants and retro lighting to keep the theme alive.

Another color combination you can try is red, blue, white, and walnut. For your main color, pick a grounding color such as blue. Red should be used sparingly, while white and walnut can be used for other surfaces like the kitchen counter and cabinets. Paint the walls in a rich cerulean blue for a retro theme that’s also a bit nautical. With pops of red as your wall trim, the retro diner kitchen of your dreams can be yours.

Mint Julep

Mint Julep

Go minty fresh with a light mint green color combined with white cabinets and dark kitchenware. It’s a fresh take on the type of green that’s both relaxing and invigorating. Families with busy lifestyles will appreciate the simplicity of the light mint tone. Mint and white also allow light to bounce off nicely, creating a well-lit room that utilizes natural light. It’s cozy and sophisticated in an understated manner that can still create an impact.

Make the room more attractive by using interesting patterns on the floor. Natural wood textures also ground the room and help keep it earthy.

Bespoke Black

You can also use black for your kitchen. This can work well with an area that has a lot of light coming through. The flatness of the black and the lightness of cream cabinets can create a balance. The result is an elegant, bespoke kitchen that you will definitely enjoy using. Go for stainless steel materials to really tie everything together. Refined and moody should be your goal.

Key Takeaway

Paint can be your key to revitalizing your kitchen. Create a color story that is unique to you by taking the techniques and principles mentioned above as your inspiration. To get high-quality paint, choose Boysen.


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