How can you maximize your room’s paint color?

  1. Clean Contrast
  2. Show-Stopping Entrance
  3. Deep Purple Wine
  4. Moody Brown
  5. Accent Walls

Painting with bold colors can be difficult at first. Bold and striking colors can be quite intimidating for a beginner. But the truth is, it can be very easy to apply these wall painting ideas if you want to make your interiors stand out. Here’s how you can maximize your room with the help of different paint colors.

Clean Contrast

Clean Contrast

How To Maximize Your Room’s Paint Color - Clean Contrast Palette - Boysen Color Palette

It’s a known fact that using light colors can make a room appear bigger. If you have a room in your home that’s compact, you can use the right tint of paint then add contrast. Small spaces can easily morph into a wide-open space with the right paint and interior design.

Combining both bold and light colors can also quickly change how a room looks. Dark and bold colors absorb more light, and can act as a contrast to an otherwise light and bright space. Consider painting your wall trim with light colors and one accent wall with a bold color.

Show-Stopping Entrance

First impressions count. When you’re in an interview or meeting someone new, you always try to look your best. This way of thinking can be applied to your interiors as well. Make a show-stopping doorway by applying a striking color scheme to the entrance of your home.

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If you have a big personality, you can show it off with a combination of bold color choices and simple decor. You can try out a bold color such as red for your entryway and emphasize it with warm wood furniture to keep the mood cozy and welcoming. Your guests will surely enjoy being greeted by warm hues at your home’s entrance.

Deep Purple Wine

Deep Purple Wine

How To Maximize Your Room’s Paint Color - Deep Purple Palette - Boysen Color Palette

Deep purple wine colors remain bold but also tasteful. It is a color you can use for your living room or dining area. It adds a layer of sophistication when combined with cool metal fixtures and white furniture.

Choose between cool or warm metals to complement your purple wine walls. Silver coffee table legs can bring in the luster. For the top of the table, consider decorating it with a wooden tray. Have burlap accessories to balance both warm and cool looks. For your seating, off-white or light beige can keep the room bright. Keep everything cohesive by using throw pillows in various purple tones to tie everything together.

Moody Brown

Brown doesn’t have to be muddy. Browns are an elegant color if you know how to work with them. When using this color, keep everything else simple and modern. You can avoid a messy, cluttered look by keeping patterns away from the walls.

Instead, choose weathered textures such as wood or rattan. If you are thinking of using brown for your dining area, invest in a tall and commanding dining table. Add natural crystals as ornamental decor so the room can catch and bounce light. Or you can also have trendy woven hanging lamps in materials like rattan, jute or hemp.

Bedrooms and living rooms can also benefit from brown tones. Like the dining room, keep the patterns simple. You can go for either a monochromatic or a contrasting route. When making a monochrome aesthetic, keep everything in the same single base hue, which in this case is brown. Make sure that there’s a balance between the deep and light color of the same color family. If you’re more inclined to create contrast, white-colored furniture can make your brown walls stand out more.

Jewel Tones

How To Maximize Your Room’s Paint Color - Jewel Tone Palette - Boysen Color Palette

Kitchens can become interesting when you paint your walls with a bold jewel tone. Jewel tones such as turquoise and lapis lazuli add depth to any space. Cool colors also promote relaxation and serenity. It can make metallic kitchenware and fixtures stand out. Copper and silver can blend and create a cohesive space with jewel tones. To further decorate your kitchen, choose ornaments with bright pops of color to add life.

Accent Walls

If you’re not ready to commit to bold colors on your walls, you can choose an accent wall. Choose a shade such as forest green or a deep vivid blue. Pick a small wall section so that you can experiment with a bold color while keeping the rest of the walls neutral as you normally would have it.

This strategy can be perfect for a bedroom. You can experiment with a bright color and make that your headboard. Then you can create a photo wall and hang your favorite photos, posters or paintings for a personal touch.

Key Takeaway

Maximizing your room’s paint colors is easy. Fresh coats of paint are just what you need to refresh and bring life back to your interiors. Use these tips and tricks to fully maximize your home’s wall colors.


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