Monday may be the best day to talk about painting rainbow colors on our walls or decorating our homes with ROYGBIV (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet) to melt away those Monday blues so that we don’t need to hack our way through the resistance to starting a new work week. Colors affect our mood and behavior so let’s think positive, think rainbow, and hold that thought. If we do it long enough, we may even find out that we are the pot of gold at the end of our rainbow.

Why Rainbow Colors

Rainbow colors are having a revival in the design world. Many say it is because we need bright and cheerful colors around us to lighten the gloom brought about by this pandemic and the attendant quarantines that have affected our lives unfavorably in various ways.

To add to this, there were two news items recently that could make the feel-good barometer fall, especially for the Manila residents. First is the news about Manila being the third most stressful city (out of 100 cities) in the world, behind Mumbai, India and Lagos, Nigeria. (Inquirer.Net) The second is about Pasig River in Manila being the “world’s most polluting river…accounting for 63,000 tons of plastic entering oceans from rivers per year.” (BWorldOnline)

We all have to take care of our small part of the world through our daily actions, but that is for another post. This one is about how we need to take care of our well-being, including our mental health, by keeping a balanced and joyous frame of mind to meet the challenges in life. So I thought that if there is a place that needs rainbows then that should be here and now. We need the happy and hopeful vibes that rainbow colors bring to keep our spirits up.

The Resurgence of the Rainbow

The rainbow is the poster child of many movements, e.g., Mandela’s rainbow nation, the rainbow flag of the LGBTQ+, the rainbow emblem of Greenpeace’s ship, and rainbow gatherings of hippies and flower children in the 70s. Big tech Apple came out with its rainbow apple logo in the 70s. In April 2021, Apple launched the new iMac in the new Apple rainbow colors which are darker than the original rainbow colors. Unlike some diehard Apple fans, I like the new darker rainbow colors. As for the new iMac, drool…I want! I want!

In the last two years, product, graphic, and fashion design use rainbow colors to banish the somberness. It remains to be seen whether this trend has legs like many homewners’ love of white.

Rainbow Colors in Let it B

In Let it B, we’re all for rainbow colors as you can see from our past posts. We are for colors, period. In 2020, we made a video to welcome the new year and posted that on the first day of the year, completely unaware that in March, the world would spin out of control.

Here is the video in its full, glorious, and blissful ignorance!

Rainbow Color Palettes for Your Homes

We made three new paint color palettes for our Rainbow Collection. These palettes are done in three color intensities—pastels, mid-tone colors, and intense colors.

To give you a better feel of the palettes, we made three mood boards.

Pastel Rainbow Colors

Paint Rainbow Colors On Your Walls With These Three Palettes | MyBoysen

Not everyone is a fan of colors. In fact, most homeowners belong to #teamputi, #teamkahoy, or #teamindustrial. We would like to launch now the @teamkulay.

These pastel colors are light and fresh and can make your walls look yummy. They don’t overpower, instead they hug you in a warm cocoon of healthy newness. Imagine a home that would look soft and ethereal with colors that have the luster of a pearl. Bring out the chatoyancy with well-placed lighting, reflective surfaces, shimmering fabrics, and metallic home accessories.

Mid-Tone Rainbow Hues

Paint Rainbow Colors On Your Walls With These Three Palettes | MyBoysen

These mid-tone colors are darker than the pastels. These are the colors of spring when the earth breaks out in bloom after a winter sleep. These rainbow colors speak of new beginnings and joyous connections. The palette has an innocence and transparency that some designers may find naive and lacking in sophistication. Yet if used wisely, these colors can make your home sing stylishly.

Intense Rainbow Colors

Paint Rainbow Colors On Your Walls With These Three Palettes | MyBoysen

If the pastel rainbow colors are like dipping your toes to test the waters, and the mid-tones are like walking slowly in until you are waist-deep, the intense rainbow colors are like diving straight into these vibrant hues with full commitment to the immersion.

The effect of these intense colors are visceral so these are perfect for people who are decisive, bold, and self-assured. These are for people who are so comfortable in their skin and who know their place under the sun that they have no qualms meeting life head-on. If life has a rhythm, then they’re dancing to it in perfect timing.

How to Use Colors in Interiors

60-30-10. This is neither a PIN nor a password. This is the formula used by interior designers that you need to know to be able to navigate the colorful rainbow splash with confidence.

Borrow the 60-30-10 Rule of Interior Designers for Your DIY Painting

For newbies in interior styling, choose three colors from the palette then use those in the room as follows:

  • 60% comes from the dominant wall color and big furniture pieces,
  • 30% can be from accent furniture pieces, lighting or soft furnishings,
  • 10% are home accessories, textiles, patterns, or textures.

Read the post above to know more.

Excited to join #teamkulay? Explore colors and head on to our Boysen Color Trend website.


Annie is the Managing Editor of Let it B | MyBoysen Blog. An unrepentant workaholic, she runs this blog and her own company Talking Lions ( She thrives on collaborating with people who are good at what they do, and working together with them to create something special. Annie learned interior styling while managing her own wholesale business in the Netherlands, importing high-end, handmade home furnishings to stock four outlets and a showroom in the country.

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