NOSTALGIA is one of the color palettes for the Boysen Color Trend 2020. Come to the Boysen Color Stories booth at the Interior & Design Manila from March 12 to 14 at the SMX Convention Center, where we will showcase for the very first time, this year’s fresh and vibrant colors.

The Artwork for NOSTALGIA

NOSTALGIA—a yearning for people, places, experiences, or things from the past that we associate with happiness. It could come to you as a smell, like freshly washed clothes that remind you of those days when someone else did the laundry by hand (what a luxury!) and hung them on clotheslines outside so these could dry under the sun. Or it could be a certain song that reminds you of carefree days when your only focus was how to make that special someone smile at you.


The artist who made the artwork for the NOSTALGIA palette went back to the early 80s before the Internet was created:

One of the entertainment places at the time was the arcade. The neon lights, the games, and the atmosphere were new and exciting. I loved going to arcades when I was a kid. I used to ask tokens from my parents para lang makapaglaro. The colors which belong to the palette NOSTALGIA brought me back to those times.

The paint names—Homecoming Queen, Razzle Dazzle, Afternoon Disco, Playtime, Sunset Dream, and Creative Blues—all these reminded the artist of those happy and uncomplicated times.

The Colors of the NOSTALGIA Palette

Nostalgia Palette of Boysen Color Trend 2020
Disclaimer: Swatches may not match the actual paint colors.

NOSTALGIA is a playful color palette made up of mostly warm colors. Even the purple Afternoon Disco has a good dose of red in it. The hues are muted shades of pop art colors, which you can find in the works of artists like Andy Warhol.

Please click on this link to see how the palette is used in interior spaces. You can also download the brochure from the website. Better yet, see us at the exhibit to get your own copy. It’s a very useful brochure to have especially if you are thinking (re)painting your home or office.

What’s great about NOSTALGIA, like every other palette that Boysen introduced since 2015, is that this palette has been curated by the Boysen color experts so you can be sure that the colors work well together. You can choose one or two colors to paint a room, and use the rest of the hues in your furniture and home accessories.

Boysen Color Stories

We named the booth that will showcase the new colors as Boysen Color Stories. We deviated from the usual exhibition booths since 2016 to launch the annual Boysen Color Trends. And we’ve not looked back since.

Our visitors love the interactivity of our booths where they can play with the paint colors and experience the colors firsthand.  For this booth, you will see the actual paint and get to color up to four original artworks.

For the Boysen Color Trend 2020, Boysen artists made four artworks, each one using a color palette. The line art drawings have been printed on huge canvases (size: 4.6 meters x 2.4 meters), which are hung in different areas of the booth. It’s really big that we need steps for people to stand on!

Come Visit Boysen Color Stories in Interior Design & Manila 2020

As mentioned, we will be unveiling the Boysen Color Trend 2020 at the Interior & Design Manila (IDM) from March 12 to 14 at the SMX Convention Center. We invite you to see the 24 new, fresh colors for 2020. There are four palettes— ORIGINS, NOSTALGIA, KINSHIP, and META—with six colors for each palette.

If you miss IDM, the next chance will be during the Worldbex 2020 at the World Trade Center from March 18 to 22.

UPDATE on March 10, 2020

Both IDM and Worldbex organizers issued statements that the exhibitions will be postponed to a later unspecified date because of the declaration of a state of public health emergency (due to COVID-19) throughout the country by the President of the Philippines. We will keep you informed.

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