It’s the time of year when the world lights up a whole lot brighter. Christmas lights start filling up the city streets and the children sing jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way till the last day of December. People decorate their homes with flashy embellishments and for some reason, they give in to the sudden urge to paint their homes anew in time for Santa’s arrival.

Maybe that’s why you’re here. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with a lot of things to prepare, and you think we would be able to help you cross out one thing off of your list.  You’re probably right.

Christmas surely isn’t the same without hue so we gathered painting ideas to inspire you this season. Make room for the holidays!

Feel the Christmas Spirit with These Painting Ideas

Here are four room inspirations to steal to make your favorite holiday more special. Choose whichever appeals to you and smother your space with the colors. Ho! ho! ho!

Holiday Classic

Christmas Won't be the Same without Hue - Red Boysen Color Swatch

You will never go wrong with a classic. For Christmas 2019, explore endless possibilities by going out of your comfort zone.  While it is common for the living room to get all of the attention, there’s definitely no reason not to give your bedroom the same amount of love and magic. Paint one wall in your bedroom with this bold red and feel your energy get replenished overnight. After a whole day or week of socializing, this will keep your spirit up. Play with patterns and textures or use subdued colored beddings to not overwhelm your design.

Once the party’s done, you can go over your Christmas wishlist and see how many were realized. Check out other bedroom ideas to keep you warm this season.

Yuletide Sparkle

Christmas Won't be the Same without Hue - Gold Boysen Color Swatch

Paint an accent wall or an entire wall if you please with a golden yellow to keep the mood up all season. A little bit more gold dust isn’t going to hurt so don’t be afraid to add in those gold accessories. Christmas season, after all, is a good reason to go all-out with the glitz and glamor. Balance everything with something green – maybe it’s time to put up interior plants you’ve been meaning to get since last month. Know how you can set an airy vibe here to your luxurious space with the help of interior plants.

This fancy foyer will keep the visitors entertained even before digging deep into conversations in the living room.

An Evergreen Christmas

Christmas Won't be the Same without Hue - Green Boysen Color Swatch

This is the season to love and forgive one another for whatever it is that hurt us. Celebrate Christmas with a calm mind and a happy heart in this fresh hue. Talk to your long lost friend or renew ties with an old flame over a plate of roasted spareribs. Green suggests growth, renewal, and prosperity – just like what we all need to carry through the new year. Paint your dining room walls with Fresh Spring to mimic the crisp vibe of a Christmas wreath.

Secret Santa

Christmas Won't be the Same without Hue - Brown Boysen Color Swatch

Reason for the season: hot choco with melted marshmallows. As the temperature drops, it’s nice to just stay in and watch your favorite Christmas movie for the nth time in your chocolate-coated family room. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, surely your mama will make you a cup of hot choco with a side of freshly baked cookies to devour all by yourself – or at least before your siblings smell the aroma.

Make sure to do all these DIY-ing before everyone gets busy with the kris kringles. Plus, I’m certain they would want to come join you for the Noche Buena in a space as delicious as the food on the table. Prepare yourself for a Merry Christmas! Start painting!

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Jess is a copywriter who brushes up on her paint knowledge daily. Together with Boysen professionals, she makes the technical stuff easier to digest. When she’s not writing, she searches the internet for the latest dessert bar.

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