Whenever I see girls and boys selling lanterns on the street, it reminds me that it’s the holiday season once again. Actually, I don’t need to see the children on the street, I can just look inside our home come September and I’ll know. It’s finally the brrr months and nope, that’s not a typo, I really mean brrr months because the wind blows a little stronger and the temperature drops. And I love it. I never imagined that the cold season would appeal to me more now than it did ten years ago. Aside from it’s one good reason to be a couch potato (and get away with it), the thought of tucking myself under layers of blankets while watching the Christmas lights flicker every second through the bedroom window is simply blissful.

Brrr Months Bedroom Color Ideas

The privacy and warmth your bedroom provides you especially on cold nights is something you would not trade with whatever special kind of comfort you might feel in any other room in your home.

Do you know how you can create an even warmer nest to prepare you for hibernation? Listen up.

Bedroom Color Ideas to Warm Up the Cold Room

We gathered four bedroom color ideas so you don’t have to dodge the cold blues ! Check it out below.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Do you wanna build a snowman

Come on, let’s go and play. The best thing about bedrooms is that this one belongs only to you. No other opinion matters when it comes to its colors and interiors. Strip down the fanciness in this Jack Frost approved crib. The simplicity of the color white does not only make it flexible as a blank canvas, but it also makes room for other decorations that can increase the temp by a few degrees up. Like that maximalist but snug lamp or that overstated couch. Frozen white is surely a classic and reliable choice. Who knows, Anna and Elsa might even pay you a visit.

Let’s chill this love

Let's chill this love

Nothing says chill like a blue wall would. Its lightness helps pacify the noise from the window-knocking wind brought about by the brr-ing weather. You can still finish that book or watch a lighthearted movie while comfortably settled in your pajamas in this bedchamber amidst the clatter. Blue calms our storms inside and out. Painting your room with the lighter shades of this color radiates serenity and peace. Isn’t that what we crave most during this season?

Check out the best version of the hue blue here.

Icy what you did there

When the weather drops, make sure that you’re surrounded by your favorite oversized stuffed toy to keep you warm. Perfectly undone bedrooms and coffee on one hand, this is just what you need to ward off cold feet. As the ultimate neutral color, grey perfectly encapsulates the stillness of the night. Paired with warm covers and a familiar embrace, it hushes you after a cold day outside.

Find out how grey stands still in the middle of a black and white world here.

Winter wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Layer it up! If the summer is all about bareness to combat the heat, this time we’re adding in a variety of textures. From the furniture to the walls, make sure that there are enough shapes and colors to help you avoid the sad winter blues. Cocoon yourself in a bright but dreamy space complete with pixie lights and polaroids for that warm vibe. Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re walking in a winter wonderland?

Although these bedroom color ideas make up the perfect refuge against the freeze, we suggest you be with someone to share a warm embrace with during the cold weather. It can be your mom, your baby sister, or someone we can’t name yet. I’m sure even your dreams will be warm.

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