Cement finishes are still quite popular for establishments such as cafes, restaurants, and even homes. This look matches well with different well-loved interior design trends such as rustic, industrial, and ultra-modern looks. What we usually see in stores and in homes is the typical smooth cement finish. But did you know that there are different types of cement finishes that you can try out?

Konstrukt Lunar Series

Konstrukt Lunar Series is a collection of 9 decorative cement finishes that uses standard products from the Konstrukt line of surface preparation chemicals. This collection not only features “smooth” cement finishes—Kaiser and Kashmir, but several other looks that have more texture and depth.

Stunning Modern Cement Finishes to Try Out | MyBoysen

Because the different finishes of Konstrukt Lunar Series were created by using actual surface preparation products, they’re more durable, last longer, and are less prone to cracking over time. Meaning? Less headaches down the road in terms of back jobs or fixing imperfections in the future.

Stunning Modern Cement Finishes

Aside from the lovely Kaiser and Kashmir finishes, there are 7 other options available under the Konstrukt Lunar Series collection. We’ll be shining the spotlight on three of the most dramatic finishes from the set.


Stunning Modern Cement Finishes to Try Out | MyBoysen

The main component of the Koral finish is the Konstrukt Permaplast K-201 High-Performance Skimcoat. This finish can be applied on both interior and exterior surfaces. Always make sure to follow the proper application schedule and use a clear topcoat afterwards to protect the finish from wear and tear. For a glossy finish, use Boysen Acrytex Sealer. While for a matte finish, use Boysen Matte Shield instead.

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Stunning Modern Cement Finishes to Try Out | MyBoysen

For the Kanyon finish, its main component is the Konstrukt Permaplast K-202 High-Performance Acrylic Render. As with the Koral finish, this one can also be applied onto both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. To retain the look of the cement finish, apply either Boysen Acrytex Sealer or Boysen Matte Shield as a topcoat.

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Stunning Modern Cement Finishes to Try Out | MyBoysen

The Koastal finish can be achieved by using two types of Konstrukt Construction Chemical products. Namely, the K-202 High-Performance Acrylic Render and the K-231 Deco Render, both under the Konstrukt Permaplast series of products. The use of the Deco Render is what sets this finish apart from the others. It gives the look a stucco finish that gives Koastal it’s “sandy” look.

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Some Final Thoughts

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