If this is the first you’re hearing of Bug Off, it’s an innovative paint product from Boysen with insect-killing abilities. A company that imports pet food recently put it to the test to see if it would help lessen their pest problem. Indeed, it did!

Bugs are a common problem in warehouses storing perishable items. To counter this, it is industry practice for businesses handling these products to conduct regular pest control measures such as fumigation.

However, for one local business, whose warehouse is located in Valenzuela City, fumigation does work but not for very long. “We have a pest control team that comes quarterly to fumigate. Fumigation works but the problem is that once the chemicals subside, the insects return,” says the operations manager of the company in an interview.

A Pet Food Warehouse Gets Help from Bug Off to Keep Pests at Bay | MyBoysen

Boysen Bug Off is Tested by a Pet Food Warehouse

Since the products are sealed, the pests do not get into the pet food itself but they do crawl into the delivery boxes the products are shipped in and on the warehouse walls. The bugs do not diminish the quality of the products but they are a nuisance. “They don’t get into the pet food but we want a clean, hygienic environment for our workers so we want the insects gone,” he says. The insects include include ants and cockroaches, among others.

A Pet Food Warehouse Gets Help from Bug Off to Keep Pests at Bay | MyBoysen A Pet Food Warehouse Gets Help from Bug Off to Keep Pests at Bay | MyBoysen

In addition to their current pest control measures, he shares that the company has also recently decided to enlist the help of Boysen Bug Off. This paint product has been scientifically proven to safely and silently kill disease-causing insects like mosquitoes, houseflies, and other common household pests in the Philippines.

When an insect lands on a Bug Off painted surface, pyrethroids—a compound similar to those found in chrysanthemum flowers—formulated in the paint start to take effect on the insect’s nervous system and kills it.

Product Highlight: Boysen BUG OFF

The Results After Application

To test out Bug Off, the pet food company applied the paint on the walls of the third floor of their warehouse where they keep food for aquatic animals. They observed the area in the days after and the results were very promising.

“In the morning, when we first enter the warehouse for the day, we would find insects lying dead on the floor near the walls. We were very happy to find dead cockroaches,” shares the operations manager.

A Pet Food Warehouse Gets Help from Bug Off to Keep Pests at Bay | MyBoysen

He discovered that the paint did not lessen the bugs inside the boxes but it was able to kill the bugs that crawled on their walls. As mentioned, an insect has to be in contact with the Bug Off painted surface to be able to kill it.

“Bug Off helps on a daily basis. When the chemicals from fumigation subside, it’s Bug Off’s time to do its job. We’re happy with the results and will use Bug Off together with our regular fumigation schedule,” he says. “I also like that it brightened up the space because of the white paint color. It looks clean.”

“I would recommend Bug Off for newly built structures like offices and warehouses. It does work. Use it with other pest control measures for maximum effect,” he adds.

Where would you apply Bug Off? Learn more about this product at www.bugoffpaints.com.


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