Since the boys have limited space in their boarding house, they opted to make a wall-mounted foldable table that they could drop down when not in use. It is not as robust as the usual tables that stand on four or more feet on the floor. But hey, if you’ve got limitations, it’s great to be creative.

It takes more carpentry work than the usual Let it B DIY project but if you’re the crafty type, it really isn’t rocket science. What’s great about a foldable table is it also forces you to be tidy and to put away your clutter. If you’ve got a small space, this is an advantage.

Tip: To those who are living in shoebox condos, and not a DIYer, you can check the Norberg wall-mounted drop-leaf table of IKEA. In February this year there were announcements of IKEA opening a store in Manila at the Mall of Asia. I haven’t read anything though about timelines so if you’re in a rush, you can try the resellers. 

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