This post about the MOVE palette of Boysen Color Trend 2022/23 focuses on using the paint colors in your exterior spaces like your veranda, lanai, atrium, patio, deck, and so on.

Different Types of Exterior Domestic Spaces

Four out of five paint colors in this palette are intense—the zingy yellow of Lemon Pop, the dark blue of Deep Plunge, the scorching orange of Fireburst (needs a special primer called CP70), and the showy Purple Power Revolution. These colors can bring energy to any space.

The other two paint colors, a beige High Key and Hey, Grey!, would look good paired with any of the intense paint colors. If you are a newbie at using bright colors for your home, you can paint any of the two neutrals in most of your surfaces and use the bright colors as accents.

The Move Color Palette in Exterior Spaces

Get the Energy of the MOVE Palette in Your Exterior Spaces | MyBoysen
Combine Lemon Pop and High Key to add color to your balcony.

This may be a tiny balcony but it looks so attractive. Pair the zingy yellow paint with beige. Then adorn the space with flowers in a red tone. Use white pots to match the beige wall so that the eyes are not overstimulated with too much color.

This can be a place to have your early breakfast or refreshing drinks when the sun goes down.

Get the Energy of the MOVE Palette in Your Exterior Spaces | MyBoysen
Blue walls for a tropical feel

Get that tropical vibe with deep blue walls. Pair it with the neutral grey in the palette. After a long day being adventurous, get the pica pica and drinks. Invite the barkada to relax with you in your balcony.

Get the Energy of the MOVE Palette in Your Exterior Spaces | MyBoysen

I’d consider Purple Power Revolution a fiesta color. There’s just something so festive about it. Splash this paint on your patio walls, and get wide and deep upholstery in subdued colors. Read a book, get some sun, or even work while you catch some Vitamin D.

Get the Energy of the MOVE Palette in Your Exterior Spaces | MyBoysen
Subdued colors for your lanai

Those who love to entertain would love this big lanai that comes with its own kitchen. Make the whole space breathe with the subtle color of Hey, Grey!. Foliage and fresh air complete the space.

This lanai is a wonderful addition to a home for a big family. Imagine having the extended family over for a barbecue or mahjong.

Exterior Domestic Spaces

We may be at the tail end of the summer months and exterior domestic spaces may not be as enjoyable when the heavy rains come. But sunny days just like the rainy ones will be around soon before you know it.

So, do maintain your exterior domestic spaces. Always choose materials that can withstand the changes of the weather when possible. Make sure leaks are addressed asap. Put away upholstery that are not waterproof. Take out any debris from falling leaves.

Not many homeowners have the luxury of these exterior spaces that are also extensions of the home.  If you’re one of them, find ways for the family to utilize it more.

We would be happy to hear how you use your exterior spaces. Drop us a line in the comment section below.

For more ideas on how you can use the MOVE palette, click on this link.


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