Ambiente, the annual international consumer goods fair in Frankfurt attended by most of our big exporters, is an event where trends are revealed. Two trend scouts Annetta Palmisano and Claudia Herke from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano have identified three key trends for 2019 – Tasteful Residence. Quiet Surrounding. Joyfilled Ambience.

Spotting trends is very difficult. Trend scouts collect, decode and interpret the thousands of ideas seen worldwide from art, architecture and fashion, and then they distill all that information and impressions to find the essence of each important design trend they identify.

The ‘Tasteful Residence’ trend prominently features velours fabrics and other soft, substantial materials. Berry and dark petrol shades set the sensory tone. The core statement of the ‘Quiet Surrounding’ trend says “The best out of the simple”. Getting out into nature, finding silence and trusting your instincts. It involves good honest materials which don’t harm the environment, and maybe even a desire to turn your life around. For many interior designers, this type of wish translates into collections focused on sustainability. Hemp and linen are major players, as well as straw, clay and ceramics, which are often recycled. There are pioneering ideas and one of them aims at making children’s furniture from 100% recycled plastic toys. The ‘Joyfilled Ambience’ trend is full of enthusiasm, life, colour and expressive patterns. It’s driven by a will to self-determination and a stimulating policy of tolerance. You can be whatever you want to be.
– Claudia Herke, Trend Instincts

Boysen Color Trend 2019

Boysen’s color team finished identifying the color palettes for next year’s Color Trend. This was done together with international color experts and other members of the Nova Paint Club, an international organization of leading global independent paint companies.

The Boysen Color Trend 2019 will be revealed early next year. Meanwhile please visit the color trend website to find out more about this year’s color palettes, as well as those of previous years which are still as stylish today as they were when they were launched.

You can also read the articles you will find in this link to explore more color trend inspirations.

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