When you think of painting, does the word “math” come to mind, too? Unfortunately, repainting your home involves a lot of math. And I’m not just talking about computing prices and budgets! Did you know that there’s a certain science needed in calculating the right amount of paint product for your repainting project? If you’re breaking out into a cold sweat from flashbacks of your college calculus exams, don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing to make life a whole lotta easier for you, the Boysen paint calculator!

The Importance of Proper Paint Calculation

Painting It Easy: Paint Calculator

While it’s super tempting to throw caution to the wind and just go with the flow, we strongly advise you guys to use the Boysen paint calculator before heading out to the nearest home depot. Why, you ask? Well, for one thing, knowing the right amount of paint needed for your particular project will save you the hassle of going on multiple trips to the home depot. With the rising gas prices? Think of all the money you’d save! So, dust off your old measuring tape and get ready to do some simple measurements on the walls you’ll be painting. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science!

Painting It Easy Episode 03: Painting Calculator


In the video, we showed two ways on how to properly calculate the amount of paint you might needthe difficult manual way and the Boysen way. I think it’s a no brainer to just let the app do all the calculating for us, yes? Just make sure that the numbers you’re inputting on the app are correct!

Less Isn’t More

Usually, I’d say less is more. But, in this case, the opposite applies. It’s a better scenario to have a few extra liters of paint as leftovers rather than to run out of paint in the middle of your painting project. Done with repainting your accent wall but still have a liter or so of paint left? Don’t throw it out! We have a couple of fun DIY activities here for you that doesn’t require a lot of paint. Check out these articles below for some bomb ideas.

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Too pooped to lift your hands for another painting project? No worries! Here’s how to properly store leftover paints for when you do  have the time and energy.

How to Properly Store Leftover Paint

Some Final Thoughts

Thank the DIY gods for such a convenient way to calculate paint amounts. That’s one thing off my mind when I have to handle so many other things! We hope that the Boysen paint calculator can help you as much as it has helped thousands of other DIYers and professionals alike.

Do you have any other question regarding paints and colors? Send us an email at ask@myboysen.com. We’re always happy to help! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog too for weekly updates via email. This is just episode 3 of the Boysen Painting It Easy series, we have several more super informative videos coming up so watch out for those. Happy painting!


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