Blast those coronavirus blues away by bringing color into your home. This time, instead of concentrating on your walls, bring drama and magic to your doors with these quirky designs.

Doors are usually rectangular, unless you’re a hobbit then your house in the Shire has a circular door. Most people don’t change the look of a door when they install it at home. Some give it personality by splashing a vibrant color on it.

Colors impact our mood, behavior, and emotions. Right now, I won’t be surprised if many of us would like to have vibrant vibes to shine much-needed brightness in these months of lockdown. I am imagining my fairy godmother in full technicolor as she waves her wand to bring me peace, love and prosperity.

Sorry, it seems like I am calling on hobbits and fairies right now. No worries, the unicorns will come later.

Door Designs for a Fun Vibe


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Quirky Designs to Deliver Drama to Your Doors

How’s this for a kitchen door? Delightful, isn’t it? Just mix different geometric shapes and add a curve to make it look more dynamic.

Read more about lines and forms in The 7 Elements of Interior Design.

Even the pots and pans are in color too. Against the dark blue, the colors really pop. These give such a playful ambience and may make cooking an enjoyable activity.


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Quirky Designs to Deliver Drama to Your Doors

Cotton candy and sunshine yellow are colors that bring us that bubbly feeling of being a child whose main concern is a day of play and fun. Those who have had happy thoughts about childhood during this quarantine, raise your hand.

Nothing can stop us to feel airy and light in this time of Covid. What will help is if we bring those happy colors into our own homes.


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Quirky Designs to Deliver Drama to Your Doors

Working from home? This is a very creative way to have your workspace in a room and to be able to hide it all once you’re done with work. It gives you that possibility to switch off from a “day at the office” and to then fully connect with your home team.

This time the color is hidden inside the cabinet doors. It’s like demarcating a space for serious business when the doors are open. It also gives you the possibility to choose the color that puts you in the mood to work, which will improve your productivity.

Blue is a good color choice especially if your work requires mental focus. It boosts creativity and productivity.

More about Doors

How do you paint doors? We’ve got you covered. Read this Boysen tutorial.

With the above designs, you will most probably be working with different surfaces like wood for the door and concrete for the walls. No problemo. We’ve got you covered in this area too. Just check out the different tutorials on surface preparation.

Ready to paint? Mosey on down to any of our Mix and Match Station stations. Don’t forget to bring your magic spell ingredients (paint names and codes) and get the friendly dizer over there to flash, bang, alakazam your paint colors!

And last but not least, here’s the unicorn I promised you, waving a magic wand for the success of your DIY project.
Quirky Designs to Deliver Drama to Your Doors

Bibbidi bobbidi boo!


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