What paint color should I get for my home? That is a question we often receive at Boysen. Sometimes we would be asked something particular, like what white color can we recommend. There are those who send us pictures of homes they like and ask us what similar paint colors do we have?

We may have thousands of paint colors to offer (which also come in different sheens), but we would never presume to recommend a color. Also, there will always be a disclaimer in the color palettes, color swatches, and closest color matches that you see digitally. It goes something like this: Colors on screen may not exactly match actual paint color. This is because color perception changes with the gadget used and the light that falls on the color swatches on the screen.

What Paint Color Should I Get For My Home | MyBoysen
Disclaimer: Colors on the screen may not match actual paint colors. | www.myboysen.com

Color is a powerful element of interior design that can change the mood of a room. It can highlight or tone down. It can create balance or tension. It can make a space seem larger or smaller, higher or lower, wider or narrower.

We said before when we introduced the first Boysen Color Trend in 2015 that we invite you to explore, experiment, and express yourself with colors. Choosing the color for your home is a very personal thing and you are the most qualified person to make the choice.

Experiment with Colors

Here’s something I learned in a color course, which I shared in a blog post 5 years ago. It was true then as it is now. It is an important fact about paint color, especially if you are choosing one for your home—

The way we see a color is constantly being influenced by lighting, the material or surface it is applied to, the neighboring colors, and how we feel about it. You could say that seeing color is not as much about what we actually see and more about what we think we see… Scientists long believed we all saw the same colors. More recent studies show that color occurs in our minds as a response to our experiences of the outside world. We each develop similar yet not necessarily the same ‘color vision’. But even if we did see exactly the same, colors can still fool our eyes.

Click on the image below to read about how you can choose the closest color match to those magazine or digital images that inspire you.

3 Steps to Get the Closest Color Match

However, let me tweak the last step since we now have 200mL paint cans available. It is very important that before you make your color choice, that you buy at least three paint colors to test on your wall. Make sure that you check the hues from early morning up to night time. See how the different light intensities affect the colors. When you turn on the artificial lights in the room, check again which one appeals to you the most. Make sure that the lights you are testing the colors with will be the same. Colors will change if you change your artificial light, from soft white to daylight, for example.

How do you buy 200mL cans? There are three ways. Find out in this post.

So, what paint color should you choose?

If you have technical questions about the Boysen products, our Technical Team would be able to give you definite answers. But if you want to know what color you should paint your home with, we will always defer to your good taste.


We may not be able to give you a definite answer, but what we can offer you are color inspirations. This blog is full of them! Just click on this link and scroll to your heart’s content.

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