In my dream last night, I was walking down Nami Island holding hands with Lee Dong Wook. The leaves were falling softly on the ground and the cold breeze tasted like a first kiss. It seemed like a scene grabbed from a classic Koreanovela. Oh, how I wish that lasted for a few more hours but I woke up to the smell of eggs and coffee. I am not complaining.

Binge-watching Koreanovelas has been a part of my daily quarantine routine that I even dream of scenes whenever I finish one. Somehow, it eases the turmoil in my head and in my heart. To be honest, it has always been my escape whenever I feel anxious or I need something to divert my attention. Now that I have nothing much on my hands but time, I turn to my oppas for comfort.

Maybe, when this is all over, my dream can turn into reality. For the meantime, here’s a list of Koreanovelas for you to watch at home to get a dose of Vitamin Kilig you could use to get through the day: 

Reply 1988

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This coming-of-age story revolves around a group of friends growing up and old together. No chaebols, no kidnapping, and no sudden bombing. Reply 1988 dominated the Korean TV scene with its simple storyline that depicts the everyday life of friends and families. Watch this K-series to relieve any worry in your heart and remember that you’ll always have someone to help you carry that burden.

You can also watch Reply 1997 and Reply 1994 to complete the trilogy.

Itaewon Class

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Park Seo Joon. Need I say more? Seriously speaking, this series is the current talk of the town but it’s more than just the superb casting. Itaewon Class teaches us a thing or two about human empathy. In times of adversity, a little empathy goes a long way. Watch how Park Sae Ro Yi (portrayed by Park Seo Joon) and the gang overcame trials through compassion towards one another and staying together no matter what.

Oh My Venus

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One of the petty decisions I had to make this lockdown was whether to sleep or work out. This romantic-comedy K-series will push you to do the latter. No excuses. As much as you want to enjoy your well-deserved rest, you must not forget about your physical well-being. Once you finish watching this, you’ll suddenly feel that urge to lead a healthier life. Just ignore the samgyeopsal ads you see on your feed for now, okay? Get on that mat and start stretching. 


© Studio Boysen

Diving into the Korean fever, Boysen has produced its own K-series, Bloom. This 13-part webisode (2 minutes each) follows the story of Jin-soo and Soo-mi and how their love conquered the test of fate and time.

Bloom instills within us the value of patience and hope. Our frontliners are doing everything they can to fight the virus and we can help them by staying at home and staying healthy. Let’s keep our hopes up, we’ll get through this together. 

You can watch the episodes here.

You can enjoy these Korean drama series at home by subscribing to online streaming services such as Viu and Netflix. Or you can sign up to Boysen’s Studio B for free and find more shows to binge-watch. Annyeong and stay safe!

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