We all need a little help every now and then. So, we’re happy to introduce the newest member of the Let It B team, Lettie! Friendly and knowledgeable, Lettie works closely with Boysen experts over at the Technical Service Department to help you with tricky painting questions.

For Lettie’s first Q&A, here’s an inquiry from a homeowner who would like to repaint their roof with Boysen Cool Shades:

Factory-painted ang yero ko. Dark blue ang kulay kaya ang init. Bumili ako ng Boysen Cool Shades na Reflective White. Sabi ng pintor, kailangan daw munang lasunin yung yero para kumapit yung pintura. Kailangan ba talaga ng lason bago pinturahan? Please advise. Salamat!

Future Cool Shades User

Hi, Future Cool Shades User.

Thank you for your message. May good news ako! Hindi na kailangan lasunin ang pre-painted galvanized roofing para mapinturahan ito ng Boysen Cool Shades. No need bumili ng lason kaya mas makakatipid. Mas mapapadali at mapapabilis din ang trabaho.

So, ano ang kailangan mong gawin? Para kumapit ang Boysen Cool Shades sa iyong factory-painted na yero, ito ang recommended procedure ng ating Boysen experts:

1. Sand the surface lightly.
Hindi na kailangan lasunin pero mainam na maliha muna ang yero bago mapinturahan. This will help ensure paint adhesion to the surface. Mas madaling makakakapit ang pintura sa iyong bubong.

2. Clean thoroughly.
Alisin ang ano mang dumi na nasa yero. Maaaring gumamit ng basahan para pamunas. Use water and soap if necessary but make sure the surface is dry before painting. Remove all loose paint if there are any too.

Next step would be to spot prime any areas that need it such as spots where the paint has peeled. Maaaring gumamit ng Boysen Red Oxide Metal Primer or Boysen Rust Off Gray. Para naman sa kalawang, may separate guide kami na makakatulong (How to Deal with Rust on Metal You Want to Paint).

Boysen Cool Shades

Pagkatapos, puwede ng magpintura gamit ang Boysen Cool Shades! I-apply gamit ang brush, roller, o airless spray. Ang produkto na ito ay use as supplied kaya puwede na siyang gamitin ng walang hinahalo. Ngunit kung gustong mapalabnaw, thin with not more than 1⁄2 liter of clean water per 4-liter can.

By the way, happy ako na napili mo ang Boysen Cool Shades! As you already know, Boysen Cool Shades is a heat-reflective paint. Ibig sabihin, kaya nitong i-reflect ang init ng araw na tumatama sa iyong bubong. This lowers the temperature of not just your roof but also inside your home helping you keep comfortable even during summer months.

Keep cool po!

Your painting partner,

Need advice? Paint TechTalk with Lettie is here for you. Comment your painting question below or send an email to ask@myboysen.com.


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