You’re now entering the dark side, and here you will find house paint ideas using dark colors.

But first, let me ask you. Has your color choice changed over the years? Or are you married to just one and intend to stick to that until death do you part?

Chances are your favorite color has gone through several alterations over time because of experience and exposure to different interior styles and other color stories. It could also be because of the color trends that you see every day around you, in physical spaces as well as virtual ones.

House Paint Ideas Change Over Time

When I was a young girl, I loved treacly pink. However, the bedroom I shared with my sister didn’t have that color. My mother’s aesthetic veered towards earth colors, so we had that innocuous beige on our bedroom walls as well as in the rest of the house.

Two decades later, I was able to paint my bedroom walls pink when I moved into my first rented apartment. Looking back, I would describe it as this cloying shade of pink with a glossy sheen that was hurtful to the eyes. I endured that choice for a couple of years and managed to block out, through sheer will, the color of the walls every time I entered my bedroom. Repainting was not an option because my salary could barely keep body and soul together.

My favorite interior style changed as the years passed, and probably that’s why my color choices evolved too. Looking back at the last decade, my preference changed from having a loft apartment painted in warm white to now having a more colorful home.

Boysen Color Palette

In my current home, I have three paint colors from Boysen in the interiors. The soft, warm beige is found on most of the surfaces to brighten the space. Another wall is a light yellow to demarcate the living room from the dining room in the open space. The third color is this deliciously deep violet on an accent wall.

The architect told me that painting a dark color on a surface gives the illusion of that surface receding to make the room seem bigger than it actually is. I can attest to that particular color magic! If you’re in a shoebox condo, copy this trick now.

House Paint Ideas Using Dark Colors

One of my favorite pastimes when I want to do something that does not require much mental effort is to scroll down my Instagram feed and see what resonates with me. This is actually the reason for this blog post.

As I looked at my IG feed and tapped the save button on the images I liked, it dawned on me that I was saving photos of dark interiors. Why am I bewitched by the dark side? I have no answer to that but I invite you to read on and see for yourself if the following dark spaces hold an allure for you too.

The Dark Depths of Onyx

The powerful and mysterious shades of onyx can be transformative when used skillfully in a space. This hue – or its variants like ebony, jet, charcoal, lead, obsidian or slate – gives gravitas to a space. This compelling shade in a room reeks of sophistication when designed with a deft hand. But this color could make a place feel cold and tragic in the hands of an amateur. So tread carefully.

A Moody Bathroom Design


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Boysen Color Palette

This is the opposite of a white bathroom, which is the color I usually like for bathrooms. This room’s attractiveness lies in the color combination of black, white and brown. The warmth of the wood balances the coolness of the black tiles. However, the black color can only work in such a small space if you master the lighting. The lights give this dark bathroom a warm and welcoming ambience. Also, the white bath fixtures give a good contrast to the black tiles.

If you want to steal this look, and replace the tiles with a black-painted wall to bring down costs, then this paint palette is for you.

A Dark Bedroom for Sweet Dreams


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Boysen Color Palette

The black walls in this bedroom provide a perfect contrast to the white vaulted ceiling. See how the dark color of the walls define the slopes of the ceiling. A multi-colored woolen rug anchors the space and gives it levity. Glimpses of the hard grey floor gleam around the edges of the room. The bed is perfectly dressed in white and layered with blankets and pillows which echo the colors of the rug. Cool textures from the wall lamp, mirrored side table and silver stool balance the warm, natural textures of the masks on the wall and the clay pots. As a final touch, there is greenery to give the space warmth and life.

Drama in the Loft


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Boysen Color Palette

The house paint design for this loft apartment interiors is a study in sophistication. The color story is all about black, white, concrete, and wood. The materials are combined together in all the rooms with a clear discipline and order. Horizontal and vertical lines in the interiors are very much in keeping with the minimalistic aesthetic. The materials are allowed to speak for themselves, like highlighting the textures of the wood and concrete and not coating them with paint.

If an onyx paint design is something you would like to explore, then read Black List: What Goes Well with Your Black Interiors.

Paint Me the Blues


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Boysen Color Palette

The stunning blue marble sink packs a lot of punch in this powder room.  Although the stormy blue-grey walls do not offer much contrast, the sink’s impact is not diminished in any way. Masculine and elegant, the colors are almost monochromatic except for the touches of white from the patterned floor tiles which are echoed by the wall lamps. The matte silver of the high spout and sink mixer, as well as the gunmetal gray frame of the mirror, are colors that can be found in the marble. The sweeping curves of the mirror frame and the purity of the white orchids give this small gem of a room a hint of femininity.

You can find other shades of blue in the post The Best Version of Hue: BLUE.

The Dark Secrets of Forest Green


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Boysen Dark Color Palette







No painted wall here and thank God! This is pure, unadulterated nature in one of its magnificent forms. Imagine having this forest at your feet and those imposing, craggy, silent mountains at eye level, which then sweep up to the skies. If you have this view every time you enter your bedroom, it must feel like you have endless space to breathe and be. What a luxury!

The photo of the mountains brings me to this room.


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Boysen Dark Color Palette

Forest green is a dark green which is usually considered as the color of life, nature, or the environment. It’s a dark hue that soothes the eyes. It’s a tranquil color, well-suited for bedrooms or other rooms that need to emit a restful and relaxing ambience.

This dark green gives a feeling of safety and comfort as well, almost as if you are in a sanctuary.


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Boysen Color Palette

Like the blacks and the blues, these greens make a space feel intimate. If walls painted in these dark shades had ears, they would listen and they would keep your secrets.

What’s the draw of dark colors?

They embrace you when your energy is at an ebb, and invite you to unburden yourself from the day’s battles. They urge you to set aside the stress and just relax. Allow these dark colors to soothe you and nurture you back to your glory.

Welcome to the dark side.



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