Whenever I meet a new group of friends, for some reason, astrological zodiacs come up in the conversation. They ask me what my zodiac sign is and make assumptions about me from it. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, though. It’s a good way to break the ice and start a conversation. But if you head on over to Japan, they might not ask you what your zodiac sign is (or its Chinese counterpart). They would probably ask you, “Hey, what’s your blood type?” And it’s not because they’re asking for donations. It’s also nothing creepy, alright? It’s because the Japanese associate certain personality traits and quirks to each blood type. We’ll be scratching the surface on what it means to be Blood Type A, B, AB, and O. We’ll also thrown in a some Boysen paint colors for each to boot!

Blood Type A

Japanese Personality Theory-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

People born with blood type A are the individuals you want in your group projects. They’re responsible, reliable, and get work done. No questions asked. They get stressed out easily because of their perfectionist tendencies. If you’re a blood type A, schedule appropriate break times in between work. Get a massage and relieve that tension in your shoulders. I know you’ve been clenching your muscles since you’ve buckled down to get some work done.

For blood type A, the best Boysen paint colors for your living space should have neutral hues. As can get a little too anxious and tense when they’re in the zone. So, a relaxing palette of pastel shades work best for you. Get in some soothing blues and off-whites in there to calm your nerves and ground you.

Blood Type B

Japanese Personality Theory-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

While As are more reserved and timid, those with blood type B surging in their veins are wild, active, and passionate. They’re all over the place but in a good way. They’re very curious individuals whose creativity and imagination drive them to take on wide-ranging hobbies. They don’t just jump from hobby to hobby but to different places as well. Bs are well traveled and follow where the wind and the promise of adventure will take them.

For the creative Bs, we chose a predominantly yellow palette for your Boysen paint colors to get those ideas flowing. We’ve paired it with some grounding grays to curb your wild side. Nothing wrong with a little passionate streak, but you’ve got to give your mind and body a rest too!

Blood Type AB

Japanese Personality Theory-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Some are born lucky enough to have blood type AB in their systems. You guys are the cool and composed social butterflies that have no problems fitting in and out of any group. However, being a combination of two kinds of blood types can be very tiring. You are a duality. Two souls existing in one body. Most times, you are outgoing and popular. But, you need a lot of alone time as well to rest and recharge.

The perfect palette for the ABs focuses on purple. Like how purple is a combination of a fiery red and a calming blue, people with blood type AB also have this ambivalence inside them. Pair this purple with a pastel shade of pink. It keeps the energy up while still being relaxing.

Blood Type O

Japanese Personality Theory-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Os are the big picture thinkers, which probably freak out the detail-oriented type As. In terms of personality traits, it would seem like flexible Os are the opposite of the rigid As. People with this blood type are often running late to meetings, parties, and events. But that doesn’t seem to faze their optimistic and easygoing attitude. No worries though. You make up for your carefree nature with an energetic aura that people can’t seem to get enough of.

An ambitious blood type needs an ambitious color. Red is the predominant Boysen paint color for O’s palette. This color is passionate, romantic, and confident. Words that describe a typical O perfectly. Balance out the red’s energy by pairing this color with relaxing shades of brown.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of other, I guess, scientific ways to quantify your personality. There are things such as the Myers Briggs Type Indictator (MBTI) and the Enneagram. Some personality qualifiers are based more on the stars, like Astrology or its Chinese counterpart. Whatever personality identifier you believe in, we’ve got you covered with our colorful palettes for your dream DIY projects. The colors we chose for this article can all be found in our Boysen Color Palette fandeck. Looking for other fun things to try? Take our quizzes and let us know what you get!


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