Have you ever come across the term “manifesting?” If you’ve been an active lurker on TikTok, you’ve probably come across this buzz word already. The act of manifestation is basically attracting the things you think about. Manifesting comes in many forms. You can write your wishes down on a journal, say positive affirmations at the start of your day, or make a visual peg board of your dreams are just some ways to “manifest.”

With that, we’ll be starting our Manifesting Series here with peace. We’re right in the middle of the hectic “-ber” months right now. Currently, our calendars are probably jampacked with dinners with family, drinks with friends, or doing some early Christmas shopping. It can be overwhelming at times. So for this article, let’s all take a quick breather and manifest some much needed peace and tranquility in our lives.

Balance | BCP-0748

Manifesting Series: The Color Palette of Peace | MyBoysen
Disclaimer: Swatch may not match actual paint color.

Life can feel like a walk down a tightrope, especially with all the responsibilities that we have. Too much work and we start burning out. On the other hand, too much play can make us sluggish. We’re all striving for a good balance in our lives. Take a moment to step back and look at things from a higher vantage point. Limit your commitments if you have to.

Keep things in equilibrium with the grounding green shade of Balance.

Quiet Peace | BCP-0592

Manifesting Series: The Color Palette of Peace | MyBoysen
Disclaimer: Swatch may not match actual paint color.

It’s difficult to disconnect in today’s fast-paced, tech-driven world. If we’re not on our laptops working, we might be on our phone messaging 10 people at any given time. We’re constantly bombarded with pings and notifications from our phones. Our earphones or headsets seem like they’re already integrated into our bodies. Every day, let’s try to set aside quiet time in the comfort of our living space.

Retreat into a silent sanctuary at home with the dark blue hue of Quiet Peace.

Resting Place | BCP-0462

Manifesting Series: The Color Palette of Peace | MyBoysen
Disclaimer: Swatch may not match actual paint color.

We usually get sick after a particularly stressful week. Our bodies are so wound up from all the get-togethers, work meetings, and household errands that the moment we unwind, our immune system may start to crash. Always remember that rest is a necessity, not a luxury. Create a comforting cocoon at home where we can truly unwind and rest after a long day.

Relax and unwind at home with the tender sage green Resting Place.

Manifesting Peace and Serenity

Manifesting peace is not just about tacking an “PEACEFULNESS” on your corkboard and calling it a day. You still have to put some work into it. Maybe now is the time to look within ourselves and ask what’s keeping us from achieving the elusive peacefulness in our lives. It’s true that the fog in our minds can stem from cluttered surroundings. Take the time each day to put things in their proper places. Some light cleaning can not only clear your living space, but your mind as well. Set the tone with the color palettes of peace. We chose aptly-named hues that are relaxing, comforting, and soothing to the eye.

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