Blue lovers raise your hand! Some sources say it’s the world’s most popular favorite color. To be honest, if it really were true, it’s not that hard to believe. Blue is a beautiful color in all the well-loved shades it comes in. And, nature seems to love it too. Find your home makeover inspiration from these naturally-occurring blues as Boysen paint colors.


Sea, Sky, and Space: Boysen Blues for Your Home | MyBoysen

Time to dagat! Being cooped up at home for almost two years has given us all wanderlust. And for a lot of Pinoys, a go-to vacation destination for a quick escape will always be somewhere beachside. Just imagine standing on the sand, looking at the vast ocean, feeling the sun on your skin, and hearing the sound of the waves. Perfect.

With the Philippines having more than 7,600 islands, it’s no wonder Filipinos are no stranger to ocean waters. Our crystal-clear seas in stunning shades of teal are one of our pride and joys. We’re a tropical nation so why not embrace it? Incorporate hues of the sea into your home and wake up feeling like you’re on an island getaway every day.


Sea, Sky, and Space: Boysen Blues for Your Home | MyBoysen

Why is the sky blue? Well, according to the very smart scientists at NASA, it’s all thanks to the sun’s light and the Earth’s atmosphere. The light from the sun appears white but is actually made up of all the colors of the rainbow. When it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, the colors are separated and scattered due to the gases and particles in the air. And the color that gets scattered the most? You guessed it—blue! Hence, the sky appears blue.

Light blues are wonderful to have around the home. It expands the space making it feel brighter and airier. It also gives off a sense of calmness and serenity-. And, if you want your ceiling to appear higher, one home decorating trick is to paint it the lightest of blues.


Sea, Sky, and Space: Boysen Blues for Your Home | MyBoysen

There is definitely a lot of black in space, but every so often the very smart scientists at NASA (yup, them again) will post a colorful photo of space on their Instagram account. Usually, it’s of a cluster of stars or a galaxy and there will be reds, violets, and beautiful deep blues.

In a room, deep blues create depth and bring elegance. Signifying trust and resilience, it pairs well with warm accents. Paint it in your bedroom as it can also promote restful sleep. Maybe you can pretend you’re peering into outer space while you’re lying on your bed

Fancy Any of the Colors Above?

The colors in the palettes above are available for mixing at Boysen Mix and Match stations. Just make sure that you ask to see its swatch in person at the home depot before ordering. Remember, the digital renditions of paint colors can look different when viewed through a screen. Find a list of Boysen Mix and Match stations here.

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