With climate change upon us, there’s now a more urgent call for each of us to do our part in caring for the environment. We’ve talked about Boysen’s green initiatives before and its line of eco-friendly products. If you need just a little bit more convincing to make the switch, you’ve come to the right place.

Choose the paints below not just for their eco-friendly properties but also because they’re excellent products on their own!

Excellent Quality

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Boysen EcoPrimer ticks all the boxes if you need a primer. It has superb sealing properties for bare substrates and is highly alkali resistant which helps you avoid paint problems like color fading, efflorescence, chalking, and peeling.

Use it for both interior and exterior applications. Because it’s low in odor, there’s less worry about strong paint chemical smells lingering around the house. It’s also a water-based product which means you only need water and soap to clean up spills. No need for paint thinner.

As an eco-friendly product, it’s certified both lead safe and low VOC by leading international third-party certification body, SCS Global. This makes it safe not just for the environment but for your household’s health as well.

Extra Features

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For your room walls, Boysen Healthy Home is a good option. Like Boysen EcoPrimer, it’s certified lead safe and low VOC. There’s more to it than that too.

Boysen Healthy Home is formulated to be antibacterial and can protect your walls from potentially harmful microbes like bacteria, molds, and fungi. It’s odor-less as well so usual activities at home can go uninterrupted making it ideal for families with children.

A water-based acrylic paint for interior concrete walls, it dries to a satin finish with a soft luster and comes in a selection of readily available colors. If you need more paint options, you get a thousand more to choose from at Boysen Mix and Match stations.


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Reduce your carbon footprint by lessening your energy consumption. Boysen Cool Shades is a heat-reflecting roof paint that can help you use less electricity at home while keeping you cool in the blazing Philippine heat.

With the infrared-reflecting pigments in the paint, Cool Shades bounces off sunlight hitting your roof before it can turn into heat that gets absorbed into your home. You’ll notice the before and after temperature difference just by touching your roof. When your home is at a more comfortable temperature, there can be less need to turn on the air conditioner. This way, you save on your monthly bills too.

As a roof paint, Boysen Cool Shades has outstanding durability and excellent dirt pick-up resistance. It’s made with an all-acrylic binder ensuring that its cooling effect is long-lasting. And yes, it’s also low-VOC.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch!

If you have any questions or inquiries about Boysen products, our technical team will be happy to assist you. Send an email to ask@myboysen.com or call (02) 8363-9738 local 413 to 418 during office hours for a one-on-one consultation.


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