Stop! Don’t head to the hardware store just yet. Know how much paint you need first so you have just the right amount for your project. We know just the tool to help you: the Boysen App’s Paint Calculator!

What is Paint Coverage Estimation

Paint coverage estimation can tell you how much paint you need to adequately cover the surface that needs to be painted. It’s an important step when you’re working on a paint project as it helps ensure you don’t end up with too little paint or have too much leftover.

Paint coverage estimation primarily involves calculating the total paintable area of your project. Aside from this though, there are other factors that you would need to consider including the type of surface that you’re painting (concrete, wood, metal, etc.), if the surface already has existing paint on it, and the product you plan on using.

Get Help with Paint Estimation with the Boysen App! | MyBoysen

Trying Out the Boysen App’s Paint Calculator

You can, in fact, manually compute the amount of paint you will need to cover an area yourself (see how here). For those of us who would rather not have to deal with the numbers and computations though, the Paint Calculator tool on the Boysen App is indispensable.

It takes into consideration the type of surface you’re working with, whether you’re painting exteriors or interiors, whether you want a plain or textured finish, whether you’re painting on a bare surface or one with existing paint, and the paint product you want to use.

Don’t get overwhelmed just yet! The app makes choosing all these easy. Here’s a step-by-step and quick overview of the Paint Calculator tool.

Step 1

Choose the Paint Calculator tool on the main menu.

Get Help with Paint Estimation with the Boysen App! | MyBoysen

Step 2

Select details about your project such as surface type, exteriors or interiors, new paint or repaint, plain or textured finish, etc.

Get Help with Paint Estimation with the Boysen App! | MyBoysen

Step 3

Measure what you’re painting in square meters and type it in the app.

Get Help with Paint Estimation with the Boysen App! | MyBoysen

Step 4

Get an estimate of how many liters of paint you’ll need for your project!

Get Help with Paint Estimation with the Boysen App! | MyBoysen

More Useful Tools on the Boysen App

Aside from Paint Calculator, you’ll find lots of other useful tools and features for both newbies and experienced painters on the Boysen App.

There’s Color Collection which puts thousands of Boysen paint colors at your fingertips for browsing. Choose Your Paint gives you recommendations on what products to use for your specific project. And, because knowledge is power (it keeps you from making costly mistakes!), there’s the Products section which tells you about each Boysen product and how to use it.

Apart from these, the Boysen App has a lot more for you to explore. So, get it if you haven’t yet! It’s completely free too. Download it via the Apple App Store for iOS users and the Google Play Store for Android users. Happy painting!

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