Designing an ideal and perfect home can be a huge undertaking. There is an overwhelming amount of design choices, combinations, and house color ideas to choose from. Planning the right design can take weeks or months to prepare, which is why making sure that you have the ideal set of color combinations and designs will substantially help in creating the best-looking home for you and your family. 

When it comes to designing your house, you are not only choosing the right colors for your house exterior; you are also picking color combinations for your interior as well. There are many color combinations to choose from, with each one conveying the ideal feel and vibe that would fit your preferences. Mixing and matching house color ideas can be a tiring task, which is why we are giving you a helping hand to find the ideal combinations.

Look at these recommendations and get your imagination fired up. Use this article to help you choose the ideal color combination for your home.

Best Exterior House Color Ideas and Combinations

Color combinations

When it comes to exterior house color ideas and combinations, it is best to stick with at least two colors for the best effect. While it may not be as complex and diverse as the home interior colors, these exterior house color ideas can provide you with the best look for your home. You can choose from any of these combinations to give your ideal home a fresh coat of colors to reproduce that singular look you’ve always dreamed about. Here are some simple yet charming home exterior color combinations that will surely make your home look the best it can be.

Green and White

Boysen Palette Green and White

This classic combination is perfect if you want a bright and sturdy look and feel for your home. The brightness and cleanliness of white is a perfect complement to the simple yet classic charm of green, especially if it’s a deep shade like a forest green. Playing with shades can also fit certain themes as well, with darker shades providing a classier look, while lighter shades aim for a more vibrant and lively tone. This combination works best for homes that have a garden or a set of trees, as the green color provides a great connection to the natural environment.

Yellow and Red

yellow and red color combination

The yellow and red combination is for the bold among us. If you have a beach property or a summer home, this color combination could help capture that warm vibe perfectly, and get you in an easygoing and playful mood the moment you see it. These strong, bold, and passionate colors work best if you want a bright and vibrant home that shines and stands out. Along with being a great summer house color idea, you can also use the same color scheme in your home to create a retro-style exterior and recall the 60s and 70s Mod and Disco styles.

Gray and White

Boysen Palette Grey and white

Simple yet clean and elegant, the classic gray and white combination remains a solid one that could be used for almost any type of home. The reason why this combination is a popular choice among home designers is that the colors are able to complement each other really well and create an overall crisp, clean and elegant look.

You can also play with different shades of gray as well, as going for a darker or lighter look can depend on the theme and location of your home. Dark and muted gray is a good contemporary design choice, while lighter gray is a good fit for simpler home exterior designs.

Blue and Wood Brown

Boysen Palette blue and brown

For a more craftsman-like color combination, going for blue and wood brown adds a touch of tradition, warmth, and a distinct down-to-earth charm to your home design. Warm and dark blue tones offer a calming and soothing feel, while the wood brown adds another charming touch that just enhances the tastefulness of your home.

Another good variation of this combination is lightening up these shades for a look that is reminiscent of a coastal or summer home, which can give it a different kind of charm with its brighter and livelier look.

Gray and Blue

Boysen Palette Grey and blue

Another color combination that shifts in tone depending on the shades used is gray and blue. It is a simple yet effective design choice for your home. Similar to how white and gray complement each other, blue and gray create a balanced look and style. The colors don’t overwhelm each other. This is perfect if you are looking for a more reserved and simple look for your home that is also stylish.

Yellow and Blue

Boysen Palette yellow and blue

Another vibrant and lively color combination, yellow and blue is a great pairing that caters to a wide variety of styles and design choices. If you are looking to brighten up your home’s exterior, this combination is a great choice if you want a bright and exciting vibe. Lighter shades also offer something different as well, as you can go for a more reserved look that still makes your home design stand out. Similar to the yellow and red combination, you can go for a retro look also with this combination.

Blue and White

Boysen Palette Blue and White

The classic combination of blue and white remains one of the most dependable and stylish options around. The simplicity of the combination provides more opportunities to create more dynamic and elegant design choices without fear of going overboard. The best thing about this combination is the versatility of architectural and design options it can fit into, as blue and white can fit in almost all settings.

Green and Brown

Boysen Palette Green and brown

Arguably one of the most down-to-earth combinations around for house color ideas, the green and brown combination can give your home a warm and natural charm. This provides the impression that you are close to nature, and makes it another good combination fit for a house with a garden. But if you don’t have the luxury of a garden, adding greenery in your terrace and interiors can give your home that natural appeal.

Pink and White

Boysen Palette Pink and White

The pink and white combination is light, feminine and attractive. Perfect for brightening up a home, pink is a delicate color that will add charm, sweetness, even playfulness, to your home exterior. If you are looking for a refreshing design that stands out, going for a tender tint of pink paired with the lightest cream can be a great option to try out. Imagine your home surrounded by lush green foliage and a burst of fuchsia bougainvillea climbing up a wall!

Off-white and Light Blue (Aqua)

Boysen Palette Off White and Aqua Blue

Another light yet stylish color combination, off-white and light blue, offers a sense of simplicity and charm that can fit any architectural style. Off-white is a perfect complement for a lot of different colors. Combining it with light blue provides you with a bright, welcoming and friendly ambience that can give your home a delightful and likable curb appeal.

Best Interior House Color Ideas and Combinations

Best Interior House Color Ideas and Combinations

When it comes to interior design, the number of colors that you can choose for each room can be more varied than your house exterior. Picking the right color combination involves matching the colors with items around the room to create a unified feel and theme that gives the room its own unique identity. Here are some interesting interior color ideas and combinations that are worth trying out.

Bright Neutrals and Bold Colors 

If you want a dynamic and contemporary feel for your interior, you can go for Boysen’s ENABLE color palette, which is a balanced combination of bright neutrals and high chroma colors that bring out technological and progressive energy that is fitting in today’s setting. 

Color Trend 2019 Enable Palette

Colors in this palette include Fresh Queue, Crystal Gems, and Truth Be Told, all of which are bright neutral colors that provide a fresh look. Meanwhile, colors like Emoji Master, Key Influencer, and Pink Pixel give off a striking and bold contrast that will surely make your room design stand out from the rest. Mixing and matching between these colors provide a light and energetic feel that isn’t overwhelming, while providing a great sense of modern style at the same time.

Earthy and Natural Tones

Sometimes, you would want a color combination that is peaceful and calming, which is why the ENLIGHTEN color palette is the best set of colors to use for your home interior. Refreshing for the mind, body, and spirit, this set of colors offer some tranquil and warm hues that are perfect for rustic and charming interiors, especially for bedrooms and meditative spaces. These hues also provide a more down-to-earth charm for your home that is just perfect for relaxation. 

Color Trend 2019 Enlighten Palette

Colors in this palette include Astral Drop and Sea of Tranquility, which are two shades of gray, along with All Natural, Cloud of Unknowing, Lullabies, and Morning Cocoa, which have varying tints of brown perfect for homely and earthy interior design choices.

Striking and Strong

For a stronger and more engaging set of house color ideas, Boysen’s ENGAGE palette offers a selection that is powerful and passionate, which is perfect for the interior of a person that is always motivated and willing to take on new challenges. This palette is great for living, study, and work rooms, as the strong hues provide you with the energy to keep on moving. Made with collaboration in mind, this color palette aims to energize and promote a positive atmosphere in your home interior. 

Color Trend 2019 Engage Palette

Colors include Sunset March, Liberty Bloc, and Red Thunder, which are powerful shades that perfectly signify power and passion. Ernest Envoy, Back In Black, and Common Ground provide the perfect complement to the strong yellow and red hues. There are no neutral colors in this palette, which ensures that you will be able to fully convey a bright, vibrant, and energetic interior for your home. 

Regal and Classic

If you are looking for a classier and opulent set of colors for your home interior, look no further than Boysen’s ENCHANT palette. This palette focuses on capturing a regal and grand look through the use of strong and dark hues that try to capture a hedonistic appeal. These dark and powerful hues add a touch of class to any room in your home, providing a compelling and alluring atmosphere. 

Color Trend 2019 Enchant Palette

This color palette includes strong and regal hues like Majestic Mare, Pure Decadence, and Dark Magic, which are deep shades perfect for muted and matte interiors, and Grand Duke, Empress Grace, and Forbidden Forest, which are perfect opulent shades that will make your room even grander than before. 

Create the Best Combinations with Boysen

With the number of color combinations available, there are many ways to go about finding the best design for your home. Whether it be adding a splash of color to your interior or your exterior, it is best to make sure that you are only using beautiful color combinations from a trusted paint brand. 

Whether it’s bedroom paint ideas or for other interior spaces, Boysen offers a wide selection of color palettes that you can use for your home, providing options that will allow you to bring your ideal home designs to life. From simple colors to more varied hues, Boysen has the perfect color for any home interior and exterior. 

Among the wide selection of color palettes available for wall painting ideas, Boysen launched four new color palettes early this year that would fit contemporary design as well as help convey the look and feel that anyone would like their homes to have.

These color palettes you can find above. To reiterate, these are Boysen’s 2019 Color Trend palettes:

ENGAGE is a selection of vibrant and powerful hues that convey positive energy and encourage social connections.

ENABLE provides a dynamic and forward-thinking atmosphere that fits today’s fast-paced and technological world.

ENLIGHTEN offers a selection of tranquil and peaceful colors for relaxation and cocooning.

ENCHANT is a palette that is opulent, alluring, and regal.

With these palette selections, you will be able to create well-designed spaces that have the colors that your heart desires. 

With over 60 years of providing quality products and services, Boysen provides thousands of colors, new and exciting color palettes and combinations that enhance, capture or convey any color personality or color story that Filipinos want for their homes.

For more information on the latest color palettes for 2019 along with our products and services, you can click here to learn more!


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