A classic FPJ movie will never fly without his signature hits and punchlines. I still remember to this day my favorite line from the 1987 film, Batas Sa Aking Kamay: “Di ako kumakain ng bigas, Major. Sinasaing ko muna para maging kanin!” Not that I understood how serious the scene was when I first saw it on TV, I just laughed my heart out and it stuck with me up to this day. That’s how influential his works are. His movies are classic underdog stories of the good guys defeating the bad guys. Always.

Perhaps that’s where his charisma lies, his stories are our stories. Fernando Poe Jr., or Ronald Allan Kelley Poe in real life, became the figure of our resistance against the rotten system. He is every Filipino looking for a fair fight, for their lawful right. But he can also be your go-to lover boy, he epitomizes the Filipino gentleman. He can be soft for his love interest as much as he is ruthless to his opponents.

He is passionate in whatever he puts his heart into. Da King was widely idolized by the masses and respected by the elites. You can put him anywhere and he can fit right in. He even almost won the 2004 Presidential Elections, that’s how far his influence went.

FPJ Films to Watch on Studio B Today

We have prepared a list from FPJ’s film repertoire that you can watch on Studio B. He may have gone years ago but the legacy he left behind will live on. Relive the death-defying stunts and dream boy moments of the one and only legend, Fernando Poe Jr.

Ang Probinsiyano (1997)

Studio B Watchlist: FPJ Classics | MyBoysen

Nope, it isn’t the one with Coco Martin. Released in 1997, the original Ang Probinsyano is one of the many movies FPJ directed and produced himself. The film follows the story of a provincial cop who seeks revenge for his twin brother who died an unfair death after being framed by his colleagues. If you’re an avid follower of its remake, spare 2 hours of your time to watch this classic and see for yourself why FPJ is Da King.

You can also watch its sequel, Ang Pagbabalik ng Probinsyanowhich hit the box office scene a year after Ang Probinsyano’s commercial success.

Kahit Konting Pagtingin (1990)

Studio B Watchlist: FPJ Classics | MyBoysen

Delfin (portrayed by Fernando Poe Jr.) is hired as a bodyguard to a beautiful and celebrated actress, Georgia (Sharon Cuneta). Well, if that isn’t a plot for a box office romance, I don’t know what is. Directed by Pablo Santiago, Kahit Konting Pagtingin is sure to tickle your romantic bone. After the endless bickering, gunfights, bombing, and hostage-taking, the two set aside their differences and find themselves, of course, falling for each other. Enemies to lovers, my favorite storyline.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the onscreen chemistry of Sharon Cuneta and Fernando Poe Jr. that it birthed a sequel five years after its first release. Minsan Pa (Kahit Konting Pagtingin 2) hit the cinemas in 1995.

Eseng ng Tondo (1997)

Studio B Watchlist: FPJ Classics | MyBoysen

Another FPJ masterpiece, this 1997 hit features a classic cop story of Eseng, a hardworking and law-abiding policeman, who finds himself in the middle of a conflict between his conviction and his family. To top it all, his marriage is put to the test as another woman enters his life. Expect an onslaught of punches and flying plates. After all, what’s a good FPJ movie without guns and roses? Watch Eseng ng Tondo here.

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