The first time I saw advent calendars was in the late 80s when I went to Germany during the holiday season. They were displayed prominently in the supermarket, big boxes that had dates on them from December 1 to 24, with perforations around the numbers. I asked my sister, who had lived in Germany for decades, what they were.

The advent calendar has its roots in Germany. It was a visual aid, so to speak, to help in the devotional practice of anticipating Christmas day. However, in the 19th century, it became something to delight the kids. So those I saw had chocolates behind the dates. Since they came from a famous Swiss chocolate manufacturer, I knew that the chocolates were going to be good so I bought one for myself. I have a secret: In the years that I got myself an advent calendar, I usually didn’t limit myself to opening only one date a day.

Nowadays, these advent calendars are made by big companies that manufacture candy, chocolate, toys, even cosmetics. I’m sure you can buy one in the Philippines.. However, you can also make one, or more, and gift them to your BFFs. You can match the little gifts to the person you are giving it to so it becomes more special.

Dave’s Advent Calendar

Dave’s advent calendar is also meant to delight recipients for the manito manita gift exchange, usually practiced in offices. He roped in a friend Chesca to help him with the display. Watch the video for ideas.

Don’t limit yourself to manito manita. As mentioned, you could also give these to household members or give to special friends to make the season more meaningful.

Speaking for myself, it is gratifying to open a gift that I know took thought, effort, and time to make.

Crafty Christmas Activities

Not everyone has the talent, ability, interest, and even the time, to do crafts. For them, it is more convenient to hit the stores and shop for Christmas decor. But if you are someone who loves to create things using his/her hands, we’ve got more mini Christmas projects that will dress up your homes during this holiday season. The satisfaction you get in making something with your own hands will add to the value of your Christmas decors.

Here are other video tutorials that are worth revisiting. May you find inspiration in these videos.

Belen Lightbox

Krafty Krizmas: Belen Lightbox

Follow this video tutorial on how to make this minimalist and modern Belen. It can double as a light to brighten up the room when night falls. It’s glow gives a cozy vibe to any space.

Hanging Christmas Centerpiece

Krafty Krizmas: Hanging Christmas Centerpiece

This does not require carpentry skills as most of Dave’s projects entail. You just need your adventurous spirit and creative eye as you go around looking for things to put together. That is the essence of this project…it’s putting things together Just make sure that you tie things together securely and install it properly from the ceiling. Seeing that it is going to hang over your dining table, be doubly sure that everything’s securely fastened.

String Lights

Christmas Video: Homey Hugs for the Holidays

This is one of my favorite Christmas decors because it is so personal with the use of photos. It is also easy to do. You just need to install the lights on your wall with a good, strong tape that will not ruin your wall paint when Christmas is over and you need to take down the decor.

Start your Christmas decorating now so you will have a longer time to see sparkly, fun, and joyous decors in your home before you need to take them down next year.

For more Christmas crafts, click on this link.


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