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Ask any architect, interior designer, or contractor and they will readily tell you that one of the most expensive part of home building is the construction—and finishing—of the bathroom.  Yes, the much used, and abused, banyo.  You may be a young couple excited about starting a family, and looking forward to seeing your first dream home, or perhaps a middle-aged couple with grown-up kids, envisioning the outcome of your bathroom remodeling. Regardless of circumstance, one common factor when going through a construction is budget limitation. When it comes to budget allocation, it is not uncommon to hear people say that they’d be willing to swap the grandness of an opulent living or dining room for a clean and well-appointed bathroom. After all, the bathroom is every man’s own quintessential private headquarters, the epitome of his oneness with himself, the ultimate…well, COMFORT room. There are all sorts of ways that a…