They say that to truly know a person, you have to walk a mile in their shoes. But personally, to learn more about someone I look at their homes. When you think about it, that makes sense—your home is where you are most comfortable, where you can be your most “authentic” self. It’s where you spend long periods of time, and it’s a space that provides you with all the basic necessities to survive. No matter how small or uncomfortable our houses are, we always do our best to make it more “homey,” right?

During the Ms. Universe event last January, Boysen trended because of the 3-episodic Koreanovela. Last weekend, it was a fast food company’s turn when their 3 hugot videos trended. Other companies have also come out with more hugot, or have reposted past hugot ads. And the public is lapping it up.

I spent the last day of 2016 with a small, brand-new paintbrush and a small, brand-new can of white Boysen paint.  It was 9 am of December 31 and I told myself that, whatever happened, I had to finish painting the section of the wall that our cat, Moomin, had picked at for the last 3 years.  He probably noticed a section of paint bulging in one spot and had tried to poke at it with his claw.  After so many years of picking at it, I realized one day that the wall looked disgusting; the hole he’d made was large enough to be obvious even from outside the house.